Pocket Trains Guide: How to Repair Trains

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Trains will randomly breakdown and need repairs in Pocket Trains. Trains that need repairs will show a yellow caution sign in the railroads list. Here below will guide you how to repair you trains.


  • Your train didn't pass inspection. Replace the turn signal bulbs!
  • Your train has a bent truck frame from bumping into a cow. A new frame needs to be installed.
  • Your train has a blown turbo charger after the engineer participated in illegal track racing.
  • Your train has a burnt popcorn smell coming from the alternator. Probably safest to get it replaced!
  • Your train has a damaged air compressor from blowing the horn too often. The engineer has been reprimanded.
  • Your train has a dirty windshield. Replace the wipers!
  • Your train has a fault in the power supply! The power couplings need to be rerouted.
  • Your train has a faulty radio, someone glued the knob to be stuck on a country station.
  • Your train has a gummed up train whistle. It's not safe to operate until it can let out a loud whistle again!
  • Your train has a hungry crew. The cab fridge needs to be restocked with pizza.
  • Your train has a jammed radiator fan, a bird decided to build a nest inside.
  • Your train has a plugged air intake, looks like a squirrel decided it was a safe place to store acorns.
  • Your train has a punctured fuel tank, some yokel was using the engine for target practice!
  • Your train has a shorted electrical system after the engineer tried to install a custom air horn that plays 'La Cucaracha'.
  • Your train has a snapped a car coupling hauling so much heavy cargo. Get the coupling repaired!
  • Your train has a sticking wheel and is throwing out sparks like it's the fourth of July.
  • Your train has been infested with rubber snakes! I've had it with these rubber ducking snakes on this rubber ducking train!
  • Your train has been overrun by train beetles. Call the exterminator!
  • Your train has been working so hard that the drive shaft snapped.
  • Your train has dead batteries because the engineer left the cab light on all night.
  • Your train has ground off a tooth and slipped a gear. The transmission needs to be rebuilt.
  • Your train has hit so many zombies that the wheels are too slick to brake. The wheels and brakes need to be wiped down.
  • Your train has hungry passengers. Restock the snacks!
  • Your train has no engine power after being probed by a bright hovering objects while out on the line.
  • Your train has some sticky switches on the cab controls, someone wasn't careful with their soda!
  • Your train hit a penny on the track and has a flat. The spare wheel needs to be put on.
  • Your train is having software problems. The train needs a firmware update.
  • Your train is having suspension problems after attempting a sweet jump. Replace the shocks!
  • Your train needs a full wash down after vagrants used it for a party overnight.
  • Your train needs a new taser gun after fending off train thieves on horseback. Restock the tasers!
  • Your train needs an entire system flushed after the engineer filled it with the wrong kind of fuel. Whoops!
  • Your train was hit by lightning! The electrical system needs to be inspected.

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