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Random Runners combines endless runner-style skills with shooting and platforming across some intricately designed levels. Here Have got some tips that will help you get the most out of your next sprint for survival.


How does the currency system work in Random Runners?

There are two types of currency in the game - coins and gems. Coins are found throughout each stage in the game, and are either collected through movement or through shooting enemies. As for gems? They aren't as plentiful, but you can find them in certain areas, like along the sides of walls and on upper platforms.

Gems are the rarer of the two, and are required to unlock certain items, such as guns and additional characters. As an example, the shotgun requires around 200 coins and 2 gems to unlock, so you'll need to meet the minimum in both categories.

If push comes to shove and you can't find enough gems to go with your coins, you can purchase them through the game store - packs range from $0.99 to $19.99 depending on how many you need.


How do you kill enemies in Random Runners?

You start off with a lowly pistol, which is an effective but rather weak weapon. If you hold down the fire button, you'll rapidly fire off shots without the need to reload. This is the best way to take down enemies at the beginning, although you'll still need to jump over the strongest ones - they wear hats - to avoid taking a hit on your health.

Once you unlock better weapons in the game (the shotgun and uzi come to mind), you'll stand a better chance of taking down the tough enemies and getting more coins.


What if I miss out on coins or gems in stages of Random Runners?

If your character isn't able to jump high enough to collect certain items, don't worry. You can always revisit the level later on with a stronger character, one who should hopefully be able to reach the item with ease.


Which characters should I unlock in Random Runners?

That's really up to you. Most of the additional characters are there for cosmetic purposes, although some are a bit stronger when it comes to jumping capabilities, so try to go for those first. Otherwise, unlock characters based upon whatever suits your mood. We're personally fans of the hockey mask guy because, hey, it's Halloween.

What's the best weapon to use in Random Runners?

While the Uzi is ideal for firing multiple bullets at a time, we love the shotgun. It works on a spread-shot basis, so even if you're working your way up an incline, one of the three bullets you fire will still hit your target.

Anything else I should know about Random Runners?

The level design is tough. Some jumps look almost impossible, but keep practising and you'll eventually get through them. It can be frustrating, but if you're dedicated, you'll find a way.



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