Rivals at War: 2084 Cheats for World Domination

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So, you've been sucked too into the great gameplay of Rivals at War: 2084, but you don't seem to be able to get a win anywhere? Worry not, as we are here to share with you some Rivals at War: 2084 cheats: tips and tricks to help you overcome that soldier's block and start winning battles. Please note that these tips and tricks are for the IOS version of the game!

1. Know your team members
One of the most important aspects in Rivals at War is knowing what each soldier class does (commander, demolisher, medic and so on). Some of them prefer to stay out of the mission area zone while others rush there to give you an advantage. Finding the right balance here (if, of course, you have where to choose from) is extremely important.

2. Soldiers that stay out
Heavy Gunners and Demolishers are the two soldier classes that rarely get into the mission area. They are extremely useful, but make sure not to have nothing but these types of soldiers, otherwise winning battles will be a real challenge. Probably an impossible one.

3. Always pick best rated soldiers
I think that this one is pretty obvious: you need the best soldiers out there, so make sure that you always pick the ones with the best ratings, but also pay attention to their type. If you only have medics, leave some out.

4. Red exclamation marks
These mean that you have cards that can be used. However, it's not a must to use them, just a warning from the game!

5. Use perk cards with caution!
Perk cards are the cards that go in the right side spots of your soldiers. Unlike the gear cards (left side) which can be unequipped, the perk cards, once used, remain there. So try not to use too many perk cards on your starting soldiers, because you will soon replace them with better ones. Usually the Gold card soldiers are there to stay, so feel free to equip them with the best you've got!

6. Complete achievements
Check out the achievements page on the starting screen and try to complete these achievements to get more coins!

7. Enroll in campaigns
Start with the Regular Campaign and make sure you play all the battles for a bonus, no matter what your position is. A good tip to get some nice bonuses without breaking too much of a sweat (but losing some bragging rights) is to play the Veteran Campaign or Elite one on quick combat, without any tactical cards – you will probably lose the battles, but get the rewards.

8. Get free bucks by completing offers
Tap that button to check out the offers – you can get free bucks for watching videos or completing offers. They are free and really useful! Also, you can get free bucks for connecting with Facebook.

9. Equip 3 tactics
Especially when you're in a campaign you really want to rank well in, you should equip 3 tactics at all times. IT is also a good idea to equip complementary tactics if you have them instead on focusing on the same type of improvement. Again, the general rule of thumb is that better tactical cards come from better decks.

10. Delete your team!
If for whatever reason you are not happy with your team, you can delete it from the Settings menu.

11. Log in daily
Every consecutive day you log in brings you some really cool rewards (including free bucks). So make sure you log in daily to get the most for free!

12. Unequip gear items
When changing soldiers, if they have any equipped gear items (helmets, armor or weapons), you can unequip them and use them for your new soldiers. Pretty sweet!

13. Sell cards you don't need
You can sell any card in your inventory for 10 gold coins. It's best to sell your poor stat soldiers and extra patch items for some extra money!

14. Try to get the team bonuses
If you manage to create a team where each class is represented, or one where all the classes come from the same planet, you will get a nice +5 team rating bonus!

15. Focus on silver and Gold cards
You need those especially for the soldiers inside (and especially when you start out). So don't focus on spending all your coins on Bronze pack cards because they are generally not worth it. Also, unless you are planning to spend real money to get extra bucks, only use your bucks for the Gold Pack. Although getting the Soldiers Pack (easiest with real money) would give you a couple of really good soldiers!

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