Rivals At War: 2084 Cheats And Tips

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Here are the top hints and tips for getting ahead in Rivals at War: 2084.

Don't forget to add new gear to your soldiers, as these items can give you a powerful edge in combat. To apply a new piece of equipment to a squad member, open up the My Team screen, scroll to the soldier you want to enhance, and then tap on the equipment slots to choose from your available Gear cards.

Rivals at War: 2084 Cheats and Tips

Equipment degrades a little bit after each round of combat you participant in. You don't want your equipment to degrade completely, so make sure you repair often, or as your currency allows. Go into the My Team screen, select the appropriate soldier, then tap on the piece of equipment to repair it.

If the game's systems are a bit too much for you to take in first, you can always make use of the Equip Best button. Select this and the game will choose what it believes to be the best piece of equipment for each soldier you select. Try not to get too dependent on this as it's not perfect - be sure to understand why each item might have been selected for you.

Rivals at War: 2084 Cheats and Tips

If you've managed to unlock some Skill cards, you'll be able to apply them to your soldiers. Go to the My Team section of the interface, and look for any soldiers that are shown with a red badge. Tap on an available slot, then choose from your pile of Skill cards to slot one of them in.

If you're looking to get hold of free Bucks in Rivals At War: 2084, be careful about which of the promotional options you choose. The ones that offer the most Bucks will require you to spend real-life money anyway, so stick to watching the trailers for a handful of notes.

Rivals at War: 2084 Cheats and Tips

Has a squad member gone MIA? Chances are they need healing. Go into the My Team section of the game, look for a squad member with a red label, then tap on that icon to heal them and get them ready for another slice of action.

Rivals at War: 2084 Cheats and Tips

Need more coins? There are a couple of things you can do. First of all, sell off any cards that you no longer need, or are simply duplicates. Alternatively, tap on the coins icon to go through to a promotional screen where you can watch trailers in exchange for more money.

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