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rymdkapsel is a real-time strategy game .In this game, you'll direct minion units to expand your space station and research monoliths while fending off waves of attacks from alien enemies.  This guide will provide you with detailed images, tips, information, and hints on how to play your best game.

Getting Started

  • rymdkapsel can be downloaded and purchased by clicking the "Play Now!" button option at the top of this page.
  • When you first open the game, you'll be sent to the main menu.  From here, you can start a new or resume a current game, check Game Center leaderboards, view the options or credits, and see which of the three missions you have completed.
  • From the options panel you can turn on/off color blind mode, music, and tutorial messages.  You can also clear your completed missions for consistent goals to work toward.
  • Note that you can only have one active game at a time, and rymdkapsel auto-saves your progress.  Selecting "New Game" from the main menu will automatically and immediately overwrite your current game.

How to Play


  • The three main goals in rymdkapsel are to expand your space station, research the four monoliths positioned around your starting point, and defend against waves of enemies as they persistently appear and attack.  You don't have to do anything except defend your station to stay alive, but researching the monoliths is beneficial and part of the leaderboard missions.
  • There's no technical end point to each playthrough; the game will end once all of your Minions have been killed by invaders.


  • Resources: There are four main resources in rymdkapsel: Minions, Energy, Materials, and Food.  Minions are the white dashes that act as your crewmen/units.  Energy, Materials, and Food are used to construct additional rooms in your station, and Food is used to create additional Minions.
  • Rooms: There are seven types of rooms available to build: Corridor, Extractor, Reactor, Garden, Kitchen, Weapons, and Quarters.
  • Corridors are brown and connect the rooms of your station.  Every room and Corridor must be built adjacent to another Corridor.  This is where your Minions will walk.
  • Extractors are pink and automatically provide the resource Materials.  Extractors must be built next to a particle field—the pink piles of squares floating in space.  Each Extractor will produce as many Materials as are available in the adjacent field.
  • Reactors are light blue and automatically provide unlimited amounts of the resource Energy.
  • Gardens are green and provide unlimited amounts of the item sludge.  Sludge is useless until it is transformed into Food in a Kitchen.
  • Kitchens are yellow and turn sludge into the resource Food.
  • Weapons are dark blue and provide an area of defense for your Minions.  When an enemy appears, Minions who are assigned to a Weapons room will automatically attack the invading forces.
  • Quarters are orange and provide additional Minions. Two pieces of food placed inside the Quarters will create a new minion; each of the Quarters can produce two new Minions maximum.
  • Gameplay: Most of your time will be spent planning the construction of rooms and directing your Minions to perform tasks.


  • Building:Rooms are plotted by dragging from the upper list into the gameplay area.  Each room will be built in the shape of a tetromino from Tetris: the next shape to be built is visible in the dock area in the upper left corner, along with the next two shapes after that.
  • You can rotate a room by tapping with two fingers, or selecting "rotate room" from the bottom-left corner.  You can place a room by tapping once or selecting "build room."
  • Once a room is plotted, it will automatically be built by any Minions assigned to Construction in the bottom list of tasks.  To assign a Minion to a task, drag the Minion from his current task to the new, desired one.
  • Plotted, incomplete rooms will appear as empty shapes bordered by dotted lines.  Finished rooms will be a solid color.


  • Tasks: There are five tasks available that Minions can perform: Engineering, Food Service, Construction, Defense, and Research.
  • In the image above, one Minion is assigned to Food Service and is currently carrying a piece of Food.  Three Minions are assigned to Construction and each one is carrying a piece of Energy.
  • Note: new Minions that have not been assigned to any task will be listed under the temporary task "Idle."
  • Each task will only be listed on screen if a relevant room is available.  For example, Research will only appear when an un-researched monolith is accessible.
  • Engineering requires a Reactor.  If a Minion is assigned to Engineering, he will stand in the Reactor and cause Energy to appear more quickly, about twice as fast as normal.  Once the Reactor is full—at four pieces of Energy—having a Minion assigned to Engineering is unnecessary.
  • Food Service requires a Garden and Kitchen.  Minions assigned to Food Service will carry sludge from the Garden to the Kitchen, where it will automatically transform into Food over time.  These Minions will also carry Food from the Kitchen to the Quarters whenever a new Minion can be created.
  • Construction requires a planned but not completed room.  Minions assigned to Construction will gather resources and carry them to the new room until it is built.


  • Note: you can prioritize rooms for construction by tapping on a room's plan and selecting "Prioritize" in the bottom-right corner.  Minions will try to complete a prioritized room before any other planned rooms.
  • Defense requires a Weapons room.  Minions assigned to Defense will move to the Weapons room, put on a shield, and automatically attack any enemy invader that comes within their weapons range.  Each Weapons room can accommodate two Minions at once.
  • Research requires a monolith to be accessible—a Corridor must connect the space station to one of the four monoliths.  Minions assigned to Research will go to the monolith and scan it until its information is uncovered.  Up to three Minions can be assigned to research a single monolith at once.


  • Monoliths: There are four monoliths positioned around your space station.  Each monolith provides a beneficial bonus once it is researched in full.  You can tap on monoliths even when they are out of reach to see what bonus they provide.
  • Monolith 1: In the upper left corner of the screen.  This monolith makes your Minions walk faster.
  • Monolith 2: In the upper right corner of the screen.  This monolith makes Extractors gather Materials much faster.
  • Monolith 3: In the lower right corner of the screen.  This monolith extends the time between enemy attacks.
  • Monolith 4: In the lower left corner of the screen.  This monolith extends the range of your Minions' weapons, allowing them to defend a wider range of the station.


  • Defense: After you have constructed four rooms, enemies will begin attacking.  The red bar above your task list displays the time left until the next enemy wave will appear.  The closer the red bar gets to full, the closer the enemy is.
  • A warning siren will sound out once the enemy is almost upon you.  If you haven't assigned Minions to Defense by this time, do so immediately.
  • As long as you have a Weapons station built, you can assign Minions to Defense to automatically shoot down enemy invaders.  However, as time passes, waves will appear more frequently and with more enemies: you'll need to have more Weapons rooms and Minions to man them as the threat grows.

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