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These are some essential tips for surviving in Rymdkapsel. I hope this could help you out a little.

A nice spread


The most important thing to note is that you need to get to those monoliths around the edges of the world, pronto. The added speed that they give to your units is necessary to keep up with the enemies later in the game.

The moment the game starts, lay down a series of corridors that go directly to each and every monolith. You'll only see the outline for now, but that's fine - you're preparing your space station for later.

Note that you can completely ignore the tutorial and just move as quickly as possible without listening to its advice.

You can also ignore the first wave of attackers - they're just scouts and they won't attack, so you can pretend that the first wave doesn't even exist.

Now that you've got your paths planned to each monolith, choose one in particular, and work towards getting that entire path complete as quickly as possible. Once you've reached a monolith, get three guys researching it as soon as possible for that added speed bonus.

One on every corner


Of course, you won't get very far if you concentrate solely on the monolith paths - you also need to make sure you have the various industry buildings chugging away on the sidelines.

As you begin to build your first monolith corridor, build one of each of the other types of building along the sides too. A good spread of rooms surrounding each pathway is essential to keeping walking distance as tight as possible.

Build the gardens, kitchen, and quarters next to each other, as they all interact often, and make sure you have a weapons room halfway along each path, such that when the enemy siren goes off, your guys can get to the room quickly.

Remember too that the extractor room needs the pink cloud before you can place it down. You should always have at least two extractor rooms on the go at any one time, as the pink clouds will suddenly run out without warning.

If you do find that you've run out of pink clouds and pink materials, the only way out is to sell rooms, which is essentially the end of your civilisation. Make sure you don't get stuck in this situation - build multiple extractor rooms, and keep stocking up on pink.

Building an army


While you're concentrating on building up your monolith paths and forming rooms around them, don't forget to keep your army built up too.

I found that building a couple of quarters for each monolith in the world was a good balance - this meant I had an extra four guys for each path I was building.

It's a good idea to get this built sooner rather than later, since obviously more hands make light work.

Of course, you also need to make sure that with each quarters you build, you're building an extra weapons room too, or else you'll find that you have guys unable to defend themselves when the enemy comes knocking.

If you do find this is the case at any point, simply tell your spare men to do a job that is close by a weapons room - food service, for example, then when they are near the weapons room, switch them over to defence duty.

This will cause them to lie on the floor near the weapons room, and they'll have more chance of surviving the attack, thanks to the guys guarding them in the nearby room.



  • Think before you build: At the beginning of the game, no enemies are attacking you.  And no enemies will attack until you've built your first four rooms.  Take time to think about the best path and which rooms you want to build.  Plot out a few of them while there is no timer.
  • but don't over-plan: At the same time, don't plan out your entire station in this early stage.  Minions don't always follow construction priorities and may waste precious early resources on rooms you don't actually need yet if there are too many construction options.
  • Follow the tutorial: The tutorial provides valuable gameplay lessons, but it also tells you the first four rooms you are required to build for survival: Extractor, Reactor, Garden, and Kitchen.  If you skip the Garden/Kitchen stage and move straight to Quarters and Weapons, you'll run out of Food and be stuck until the emergency rations replenish—which takes a very long time.
  • Shapes can be changed: You don't have to use the next tetromino shape on dock.  If you really don't want to use a certain shape, plot a room, select "build room," and then cancel it.  It will not cost anything, but the shape will count as "used," allowing you to build with the next shape (or continue building and cancelling until you have the shape you want).
  • Monolith usefulness:   The order of most useful to least useful monolith is generally as follows: 1, 3, 4, 2.  Faster-moving Minions and slower enemy attacks will allow you to build more and faster, so these two should be your first focus.


  • Build Weapons rooms as close as possible to each other:  Weapons rooms have an area of effect that is visible when plotting them or by clicking on any already-built Weapons room.  You cannot build another Weapons room within the active area of effect.  Yet you do want all of your Weapons to be as close as possible so they can provide support to one another.  Build all of your Weapons rooms on the immediate border of the area of effect, and do not take up this valuable real estate with other rooms.
  • Build Quarters near Kitchens: As enemies begin pounding your station more and more, you're going to face casualties.  The only way to recoup your losses is by putting Food in the Quarters of whichever Minion(s) were lost.  At later stages time is extremely scarce, so your Minions should have the shortest possible walk to revive their friends.
  • Most of your rooms should be Weapons and Quarters: Don't over-build Gardens and Kitchens; one of each can easily feed four Quarters until extremely late levels.  The majority of your station, especially once construction slows down, will be made up of Weapons rooms and Quarters.
  • Sell off unnecessary rooms: Once a particle field is dried up, get rid of its Extractor.  These are usually taking up prime real estate in the station that could be used by Weapons rooms or anything else more useful.
  • Keep your Minions working: Minions will lay down when they have nothing to do (becoming horizontal dashes on the map and task bar).  Sometimes this is temporary, like a Construction Minion waiting for resources to become available.  Most of the time, however, they should be reassigned immediately to a new, more important task.  And if the enemy bar is nearly full, don't hesitate to transfer any idle Minions to Defense.
  • Prioritize rooms: Be sure to use the "prioritize" function on rooms when you're building more than one at a time.  Minions have unpredictable building habits when not focused on a specific room.  You can only prioritize one room at a time, so be ready to tap a room and select it for priority as soon as the current priority is finished.


  • Feel free to change direction: Corridors cannot be deleted once built, which may make it seem like you have to keep following a certain Corridor once you've placed it.  Don't—sometimes you'll build a Corridor heading west and then realize going south would be faster for your Minions.  Leave the dead-end Corridor where it is and build in the most efficient direction; wasting a couple of resources is much better than wasting tons of time with excess walking.  Your Minions will also leave the dead-end alone as long as there's no room adjacent to it.
  • Mission 1: Research all monoliths: The first mission objective is to research all four monoliths.  Since you have an unlimited amount of time to do so, feel free to approach this any way you like.  However, the advice for the two missions below can be used successfully for this one as well.


  • Mission 2: Survive 28 waves: First, you should still research all four monoliths for this mission, although you can skip monolith 2 (Extractor efficiency) if you'd like.  The other three will be very useful.  Focus on building your Weapons stations as close as possible to each other, and your Kitchens and Quarters near one another, per the advice above.  You should ideally have most of your critical rooms built by wave 15—this includes Weapons, Kitchens, and Quarters.  By wave 25, enemies will be appearing so quickly you won't have time to build any new rooms.  Try to have at least 16-20 Minions on deck and enough Weapons rooms for each.  Before wave 25, be sure to send some Minions to recoup any losses in the Quarters.  After wave 25, all Minions should be assigned to Defense at all times.  With Weapons rooms built close enough together, you should be able to survive through wave 30 at least, as in the station pictured above.
  • Mission 3: Research all monoliths in less than 45 minutes: Continue following the standard room advice from above, and be sure to build your entire station in a tight quadrant.  Do not waste time planning ahead; start your Minions constructing immediately, including Corridors that stretch to Monolith 1 and then Monolith 3.  Build plenty of Quarters and spawn extra Minions; focus less on Weapons rooms this time.  (You have to build a few, but you can survive with only one Weapons room for the first five waves alone.)  As soon as you can research a Monolith, send three Minions to do so.  If you have enough Minions to spare six, research two monoliths simultaneously.

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