Smash Bandits Guide: How to Get More Smash Bucks and Bandit Chips

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The two types of currency in the game are Smash Bucks and Bandit Chips. Smash Bucks are the main currency, while Poker Chips are the premium currency of the game. Read on to find out how to get more of both currencies in Smash Bandits!

1. Smash

You'll earn them every time you hit something that you can smash, and you'll earn more of them depending on how many meters you rack up and how high you can get the ratings. The ratings, of course, are based on how far you go and how many objects you can smash.

Smash Bandits

2. Complete the Missions

In the way of making Smash Bucks, you can complete the popping up missions available in each stage. Once you complete one smash mission, another one opens up, with up to three being open at the same time. Some of them involve spending Bandit Chips (the premium currency), such as stealing a cop car after you get smashed, but it can be worth it in order to complete missions.

3. Upgrade Speed and smash abilityfor your car

You can upgrade the speed, handling and smash ability of whatever car you have. Upgrade the smash ability first, because this one will allow you to earn more smash bucks more rapidly, thus allowing you to upgrade the speed and handling much more quickly. Each time you upgrade your smash ability, new objects on the stage can be smashed that couldn't be smashed before.

4. Stay alert of your wanted level along the game

The rule of this game is simple if your Wanted Level gets to 5, you will not be allowed to play anymore till the period of time runs out.Therefore, you have to wait until your wanted level drops to at least 4, then you can play again.However if you want to play it without waiting time, just set the time of the phone next few hours or you can set it ahead by half an hour per level
In simulation, you can set it 2 and a half hours ahead for every wanted level that you want to drop off the wanted level.

5. Try adding the limitation of the time along the stages

You have a time limit on every stage that you play. To add to that time limit, break through the barriers that the cops set up. Avoid the "Stingers", though, because they'll slow you down and do damage to your car. If you want to get rid of cops easily, though, lead them into the stingers, and they will be a quick kill.
In addition, you can lead the cops into the stingers in order to eliminate them so that you can get rid of them easily.

Smash Bandits

6. Free Smash Bucks and Free Bandit

You can get free Smash Bucks and free Bandit Chips in the store. Hit the shopping cart icon and the first two buttons will be to watch videos for 250 free Smash Bucks, or for 5 free Smash Bucks. In addition, whenever you gain a level by completing quests, you will earn Bandit Chips as a reward.

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