Star Wars Force Collection Cheats,Tips and Strategy

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Star Wars Force Collection is a brand new card battling game for the iOS and Android platforms. Read on for some tips and tricks for Star Wars Force Collection !

Unlike other CCGs, you won't be upgrading your favorite cards with "trash" or "feeder" cards. It's all done with credits or crystals. So don't stockpile the cards you don't want. Sell them instead, and use the credits earned to level up the cards you do want to use.

Star Wars: Force Collection

Save those crystals! It should be common practice by anyone familiar with freemium games to stockpile premium currency, but it's still an important habit to get into. Especially since 1,500 will net you a draw of six 3-5 star cards (a savings of 300 when not buying packs individually). Also, try to only buy them in the 6-pack because it saves you 300 crystals each time.

Remember to pick up your rewards. Just claiming them isn't enough as it only puts them in your Inbox. Make sure you go to your inbox after claiming your rewards so that you can actually receive them.

Light and dark side makes a difference. The alignment of your account (determined through simple binary choices as you quest) will grant an attack/defense boost to all matching cards in your formation.

Leaders are also important because simply having them in your formation grants attack and defense bonuses to all other cards as well, regardless of their alignment.

Gather blueprints. Not only do victories against other players help your weekly ranking, but the vehicles you can craft are quite powerful. In some instances they can even be as powerful as maxed-level rare cards. Plus, you can build more when you need them! They do have durability that wears down over time, however, so they'll eventually break. Of course you can just make more, as I just said.

Star Wars: Force Collection

Put points into Cost, not Energy. At least in the beginning. I know it's tempting to do it the other way around, but the early quests don't take much to complete and you'll recharge quickly. It's more important to have the room for a large, powerful force early on.

Max enhance before evolving. I know it may be tempting to just evolve your favorite cards to their strongest versions right away (also a lot cheaper), but you must resist! The higher a card's level during evolution, the larger the base stat increase. So much so that your second tier cards could start with an extra thousand or more points. And that's before you actually start to level up the evolved card.

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