Star Wars Force Collection Guide: PvP Battles

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Star Wars Force Collection is a brand new card battling game for the iOS and Android platforms. Read on for some tips and tricks for Star Wars Force Collection PVP Battles!

You can take on other players for any reason, really. However, certain actions such as going after loot (i.e. blueprint pieces) or getting revenge on someone you previously attacked will cost 4 BP (Battle Points) instead of the 2 it takes to go after ranked or random players.

Battle Ranking tracks both light and dark side players separately, but will display both leaderboards. Rankings are determined by win/loss records and the top 10 for each side can earn some sweet prizes at the end of the week.

Star Wars: Force Collection Battle

Fighting other players is much like fighting the regular bosses during quests: two armies face off and the side that doesn't get wiped out is declared the winner. The key difference here is that you never quite know how powerful your opponent's lineup will be.

When targeting another player for combat you'll see their name, level, number of allies, Max Cost, and number of cards in their possession. Max Cost is probably the best way to decide how tough they might be as a higher Max Cost means they can put more and/or more powerful cards into their teams.

Star Wars: Force Collection Team

Once the fighting actually starts you can opt to sit back and watch – which might be a good way to figure out your army's strengths/weaknesses – or skip ahead to the results.

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