Star Wars Force Collection Guide: Quests, Blueprints, and Boss Battles

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Quests in Star Wars: Force Collection are pretty straightforward. Just tap on an enemy to dispatch them, using some energy and earning some experience and credits in the process.

Star Wars: Force Collection Quest

The top of the screen displays the current area, how much energy it costs to take out an enemy, and how much can be earned with each attempt.

Just below that is your energy meter, your experience, and your progress through the area.

Towards the bottom of the screen is your current level, number of cards you possess, and your total credits.

Underneath that you can see the potential rewards for each quest. Typically it's a blueprint piece and a card or two.

Once enough areas have been traversed, it's time for a battle! This is a fight against a computer opponent's army, which you unfortunately won't get to size up until the conflict actually starts. Still, you'll have a chance to edit your lineup or call for ally assistance if needed before you jump into things. As soon as you're ready, just hit Start Battle and watch the chaos unfold. Or skip it, that's an option, too.

Eventually you'll also come across a special boss fight in which you'll have to pick a side (light or dark), and assist one in defeating the other. This is an altogether different sort of battle in which your leader card faces off against the opponent alone. An attack meter along the bottom of the screen will start to fill, and the goal is to tap the Attack button to stop it in the red zone and score a critical hit. You'll still do damage regardless, but you'll do a lot more with a critical hit. Just exchange blows until you've taken down the boss and you're done!

Star Wars: Force Collection Caro Pack

Blueprints for vehicles are broken up into six pieces, most of which you can find through questing. However, if you're having trouble with a specific piece you can always attack another player and try to take theirs.

Once you've gathered all six pieces to a blueprint you can then spend some credits (cost depends on the vehicle) to build it. Building takes a certain amount of real time (also depends on the vehicle), but once it's finished you can toss it right into your formation. Assuming you have the space for it, of course.

Also note that once you've completed a set of blueprints you do not have to complete it again to produce more of that vehicle. Once you've got the plans you can craft it as much as you'd like so long as you can afford it and have space in your hangar.

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