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Crescent Moon Games' Strike Wing: Raptor Rising is an enjoyable, simple throwback to the heyday of 3D space shooters like Colony Wars and Star Wars: Starfighter. You fly around in space obliterating enemies big and small, while unlocking new ships and missions that will help you conquer the universe. Here are some answers to questions you may have about the game.


What are the different mission types in Strike Wing: Raptor Rising?

There are five missions in total, each one packed with enemies that attack you in waves. Each mission has certain objectives that must be achieved, although the general gameplay is about the same in each one.

Two of the missions, Screaming Eagles and Resource Hog, are included with the game. The other three (Rogue Squadron, Operation Twin Lance and Operation Lifeblood), require a quick download, but you won't need to pay anything extra for them.

Only the first mission, Screaming Eagles, is playable at first. To access the others, you'll need to reach certain levels with ships. We've included the breakdown below.

How do I beat the Screaming Eagles mission in Strike Wing: Raptor Rising?

You'll need to take on a number of ships that come at you, typically two or three at a time. Limited reinforcements are on their way. This typically amounts to enemies coming at you while you try to stay alive at all costs. Your first ship, the F28 Hawk, will get you through just fine though.


How do I beat the Resource Hog mission in Strike Wing: Raptor Rising?

In this mission, you're chasing after a piece of cargo, and it will introduce you to your first big target ship - down the escorts first before destroying this mighty vessel. To get stuck into this level, you'll need to have the F25 Cormoran ship, which you can either unlock or buy outright.

What ship do I need to play the Rogue Squadron mission in Strike Wing: Raptor Rising?

You'll need the F37 Sparrow ship to take part in this mission. Expect many more ships to come hurtling at you, and this time around the action's set in an asteroid belt - so fly carefully.

How do I beat Operation Twin Lance in Strike Wing: Raptor Rising?

This is another convoy mission, but this time around it's a mission populated with a lot more enemies and a much tougher ship. It's surrounded by asteroids as well. You'll need the I25 Wolf to take part.


How do I unlock Operation Lifeblood in Strike Wing: Raptor Rising?

This is a general protection mission, where your own cargo ship is under attack, and you'll need the F35 Eagle to play it. You must keep this ship from being destroyed by a number of enemy waves.

What do wingmen do in Strike Wing: Raptor Rising?

Wingmen serve a secondary defense purpose, and have two general commands. You can either call upon them to defend you when you're attacking enemies, or send them after particular enemies on the stage, should one be giving you a hard time - like larger enemies. You can activate your wingman using the button in the upper-left corner of the screen.

Wingmen only have so much shielding and energy though. Once those are depleted, they're gone. You do receive a temporary power-up that gives you a few extra seconds of increased firepower, but, really, you're better off keeping them alive if you can.

What ships are available in Strike Wing: Raptor Rising?

You'll want to access the store to see your purchase options. Most can be bought with in-store credits, but if you're in a rush, you can put down real cash.

Your best bet is bundles. The Core Pack will set you back 1782 credits or $8.99, and includes the Hawk, Sparrow, Eagle and Cormoran, which will open up some of the missions for you right away. The other bundle, Rising Hand Pack, is also $8.99, but double the price in credits at 3,585. This includes the Hyena, MK2, Wolf, Armadillo and Albatross.

Ships can also be purchased individually for $1.99, or using about 200-300 credits a pop. You can also buy additional leveling up for $.99 (for one level) or $3.99 (for five levels). You can also buy "rep-bots" to keep your ship from needing repairs, though they cost $.99 apiece per ship. These are for the Hyena, MK2, Wolf, Armadillo and Albatross.

What are the best ships in Strike Wing: Raptor Rising?

There are nine ships in all, and they vary in four categories: shield, hull, weapons and handling. The better a ship's shielding and hull are, the longer it'll last in a firefight. Increased weapons power provides a big advantage in bringing down enemies with laser blasts and missiles, and handling makes it easier to get around with your ship overall.

The best all-around ship is the I7 Armadillo, as it has the highest stats of all the ships in the game. The I25 Wolf and F17 Albatross also have fairly well-balanced stats. The F17 Albatross and F25 Cormoran have fully maximized Shield and Hull, but lesser Weapons and Handling as a result. Use them for convoy missions if you can.

The II5 Hyena MK2, F37 Sparrow, II5 Hyena and F28 Hawk are superb ships for beginners, as they have the best handling you can find in the game. The Hawk will automatically be available when you start, but you'll need to buy the others.

No ship has weapons fully maxed out, but the Hyena and Hyena MK2 have the highest rankings, so use them if you want the most firepower.

How do I defeat enemies in Strike Wing: Raptor Rising?

You'll want to target enemies as soon as they appear, and before they start firing on you or the ship you're trying to protect in each stage. If you have "Easy" mode turned on, you'll automatically target them once they fly into the range of your reticule. Otherwise, you may need to pursue them for more precise targeting.

If an enemy starts firing on you, it's probably a good idea to move out of their range. Turn on the thrusters and try to swivel around while you're accelerating, but don't forget to brake - you don't want to fly too far away from your objective! This'll give you a good opportunity to regenerate your shield and protect your energy - which, sadly, does not regenerate once it's lost. It's kill or be killed, so stay on your toes and try to take out enemies as quickly as you can!

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