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The Drowning sets a new standard for first-person shooters on mobile, with its excellent control scheme and console-style graphics. However, you'll need your A-game if you want to get out of this oily mess in one piece. Fortunately, we have some tips to help you out.

The Drowning

-On the ATTACK stages, you'll want to keep moving. If you stand in one place for too long, you'll get hit by one of the oil creatures - most likely from behind. Tap an area of the map to move to, then press the 180-spin button, located on the bottom of the screen, to turn around and shoot enemies while moving. Continue this "stick and move" pattern and you should make it to the end of the level.

-With DEFEND stages, you'll need to keep an eye on three points in your enclosed areas, which are boarded up. The oil creatures will attack these sections, swatting away until everything comes down. Try to find a point on the map where you can watch two of the weak spots at once - usually tucked away in a corner - then run over and check on the third when you have a moment to make sure enemies aren't sneaking up on you. Then return back to the original point and fire away at those approaching.

-At the end of each stage, you're given the option to use a flare gun to unlock an extra square when you're collecting end-of-round bonuses. Don't jump into a blind buy, however. Go back into the stage and try to get a higher score by performing headshots and building up your "frenzy" meter. Doing this might unlock that fifth square, saving that flare gun for later when you really need it.

-Headshots are the most effective shots you can take in the game. Even though some enemies require three to four hits to bring down, the points really rack up. Try to stay in the creature's upper most area with your shots, and as a bonus, you'll unlock collectible points that you can run over and snag. Well, once you're in the clear, that is.

-Don't be afraid to spend virtual currency on weapon customization. The more time you put into the creation of a modified gun or crossbow, the better it'll perform for you in battle. You'll still have to contend with manual reloading - it's pretty much a given on any gun. However, the more lightweight and powerful it is, the better you'll do against increasing waves of enemies.

-There are times when you will run out of gas with your vehicles, forcing you to wait before you unlock new levels. At that point, you have one of two options - pay for more gas or wait 20 minutes. Unless you're absolutely impatient, waiting is the way to go.

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