Tiny Thief Complete Walkthrough: Chapter 3 - The Cursed Treasure

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These guides will tell you how to get 3 stars on any stage in chapter 3, The Cursed Treasure in Tiny Thief. Just follow our instructions, and you'll walk away with your pockets full of junk.

3-1 Red Parrot Tavern

Tiny Thief Chapter 3 Guide

1. When the bar tender walks to the right, leap out of the hatch and jump in this barrel. Tap on the dude with the three cups and keep your eye on the yellow ball. When he's finished, tap on the cup with the ball to win a prize - your first bonus item.

2. When the bartender is looking right, grab this jug. Then, quickly get back under the hatch

3. When the bartender looks left, jump out of the hatch and head through this door. You'll be upstairs, where you can grab the key on your right, and then fill up the jug with the orange liquid.

4. When the bartender is on the left come down the stairs and go under the hatch. Then, when he goes right, hop out, put the jug on the left table, and go back under the hatch again.

5. Climb the ladder to the pirate's room. Pull the string and then hide underground. The bartender will fill up the pirate's drink, causing him to belch flames and set the flag alight, revealing a treasure for you to pinch.

6. Repeat steps 2, 3, 4, and 5, but his time fill the jug from the white milk tap. When the pirate drinks this, he'll throw his pocket watch at the bartender, which you can sneak up and steal.

7. Open the treasure chest in the underground area - using the key from the top floor - to get a telescope.

8. Tap on your ferret friend here.

9. Finally, repeat steps 2, 3, 4, and 5, but now choose the blue tap with the moon on it. This will make the pirate fall asleep, and you can steal his golden idol and jump in the treasure chest. Pow.

3–2 - The Wandering Fear

Tiny Thief Chapter 3 Guide

1. Open this lunchbox to get a hot dog, and pull the nearby level to make the platform come down.

2. Grab the rope from the platform. You will automatically tie it to the hot dog. Now use the hot dog on a rope on the sleeping sailor to get him out of the picture.

3.Go down these steps to head underwater.

Tiny Thief Chapter 3 Guide

4. Tap on all of the fish until they are all green. They will reveal a trident that you can pick up.

5. Tap on this oyster shell and then move over it to collect its pearl. Now you can head back to the surface, and go right to the fishing area.

Tiny Thief Chapter 3 Guide

6. Walk up to the fishing rod, and wait. When it starts to wiggle, tap on the use icon and you'll catch a fish. Do this about four times and you'll catch a pearl neckless, which you can nick.

7. Take the bucket of fish and head back to the first screen.

Tiny Thief Chapter 3 Guide

8. Tap on this window a few times to make the chef drop his hatchet. Pick it up and stuff it in your pocket.

9. If the platform is down, put the bucket of fish on the lever and then quickly stand on the platform. The pelican will grab the fish, knock the lever, and send you up.

10. Watch this spot. Your ferret friend will poke his head out - so tap on him when he does.

11. Finish the level by grabbing the wheel.

3–3 - Yer Treasure Map

Tiny Thief Chapter 3 Guide

1. When the patrolling pirate chappy starts walking right, hop on the lift and press the button. Carefully follow him, and then jump in the orange hammock. When he walks past you and goes left…

2. Leap out, grab some gunpowder, and shoot up the ladder.

3. Tap on this painting a few times until it reveals a pirate hat. Tap the hat and the pick it up.

4. Go up here, and grab the bananas from the basket. Now, take the ladder in the far right to go to the top of the ship.

Tiny Thief Chapter 3 Guide

5. Tap on these cannon windows. The idea is to tap on one window, and then tap on the other window with the same image. To make it easy, tap on them in this order: A, D, B, E, C, F.

6. Grab the hook, and a cannon ball.

7. Climb up the rightmost ladder, walk along the rope, and give the banana to the monkey. In return, you'll get a cracker. Now go back down the ladder to the main ship area.

Tiny Thief Chapter 3 Guide

8. Feed the cracker to this parrot. It will stop him squawking, later.

9. Go all the way down to the lowest level, and use your gunpowder and cannon ball on the cannon. Use the cannon to blow open the hatch, and then dive in the gold pile to get a crown, and get the key.

10. Go upstairs, and use the key on the fish tank. Now, wait.

11. When the pirate hops out of the shower, tap on the tub to make a rubber duck appear. You only get one chance to do this, so don't miss the opportunity. When you exit the tank, grab the duck.

12. Tap on the ferret when he pokes his head out of this hammock. Now you can exit the level with all three stars in your bag. Well done you.

3–4 - Meet the Tribe

Tiny Thief Chapter 3 Guide

1. When the tribesman walks off the screen, quickly grab this coconut, and then run and climb up the tree on the far right of the screen.

2. When the tribesman comes back, drop the coconut on his head. Then pick up the key and unlock the cages. Finally, accept the skull from the monkey to finish this first section.

Tiny Thief Chapter 3 Guide

3. Tap on this hut. Note the colour of the giant statue's eyes, and when the shaman makes three coloured dots appear, tap on the dot that is the same colour as the statue's eyes. If it was red, it will rain and a flower will appear.

4. If it was blue, a tornado will come in, and the ferret will appear on the left tree. Give him a tap.

5. If it was green, a thunder bolt will strike the wandering guard and knock his mask off. Keep repeating this process until you have seen all three weather effects.

6. Jump down, and grab this knife. Then leap up the ladder again. You have to be quick, as the tribal guard man turns around fast.

7. Tap on this chameleon to make him stick out his tongue and eat a fly. Keep doing his until he has eaten all the flies. Tap on him one more time to make him vomit up a golden object, which you can pilfer.

8. Work your way to this branch by swinging on the monkey, and put the skull in the door. Then, cut the rope to make the pirate and tribe exit the screen.

9. Finish up by collecting the idol, the mask, and the flower. Now you can exit the stage. Job done. JD.

3–5 - The Lost Temple

Tiny Thief Chapter 3 Guide

1. Make a note of these symbols here. We'll need 'em in a bit. Now head in the first, open, door.

Tiny Thief Chapter 3 Guide

2. Tap on the symbols in the same order as the ones on the giant monkey head in the first room. Or, if you forgot what they were, just look at the image above and tap them in alphabetical order. Now grab the golden apple.

3. Enter this door.

4. Go back through this door.

5. Go in this door.

6. Go back through this door, and you'll be on the same platform as the glowing triangle. Grab it, and then work your way back down to the bottom level, and exit through the left door. Now, the second door will open and you can go into the second room.

Tiny Thief Chapter 3 Guide

7. Right. No messing about. Turn wheel A once. Turn wheel B twice. And turn wheel C three times. The ceiling will stop falling on your bonce, and you can grab the golden cross.

8. While we're here, hit this wall a few times to reveal a golden pear. Put it in your pocket, and exit the room. Once again, a door will open and you can enter the third room.

Tiny Thief Chapter 3 Guide

9. Approach the glowing sphere, and a spooky ghost thief will nick it, and hide in the platforms above. So, push the levels in the order C, D, A, B to get it back.

10. Push this loose brick to reveal a golden banana. Grab it, and get out of there.

Tiny Thief Chapter 3 Guide

11. Put the three mystical shapes in this 'ere contraption to scare off the three pirates.

12. Go in the top door, and then press the button on the monkey statue's chin.

Tiny Thief Chapter 3 Guide

13. On this first row, tap on all of the blocks until they show marine animals. That's a fish, a crab, and an octopus.

Tiny Thief Chapter 3 Guide

14. Here's how the second row works. See those pale shapes, behind the blocks? Well, simply tap on a block, and then tap on the block that is the same as the pale shape of the first block you tapped. Make sense?

Tiny Thief Chapter 3 Guide

15. Your ferret pal will poke his nose out of this hole. Give him a tap.

16. Now simply tap on these circles in rapid succession to make all the eyes appear. Once you're done, simply grab the golden scarab and make a beeline for the exit. You're DONE.

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