Top 10 Puzzle Mobile Games For Iphone, Ipad and Android

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Top 3: Puzzle Craft

Along with matching up all types of resources, Puzzle Craft changes up the formula by making you keep track of your empire. At first glance, the game looks more than a bit like some sort of social farm-building sim, but it's not. It's more of an economy simulator that runs on the power of tile matching. You're responsible for your little town from both the top level, choosing what to build and where to build it, and the very bottom rung, harvesting the grain and mining the stone to keep things running.

Both parts of the game feed each other. First you match your way through the farm, earning wood to build tools and food for your miners. Then you match in the mine, earning stone and metal. You take all your materials and build additions that bring you money, experience, new tools and more options. Then it's back into the fields to feed your hungry citizens.

. Strategy heads and hardcore puzzle heads can certainly have a good time with this one.

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