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Even veteran players of the Where's My...? Series will find a stiff challenge waiting for them in this new version of the game, starring none other than Mickey Mouse himself. Here are all of our top hints and tips for busting through even the trickiest levels.

Where's My Mickey?

- Getting three stars on a level can be very tricky, so start off by creating a solution that simply gets the water to Mickey and fills up the tank. Once you know this basic solution, it makes it much easier to go back in and see how you need to adapt your strategy to capture all of the stars. Don't try to do everything at once if you're really stuck.

- Don't let a drop of that red-hot liquid touch Mickey or you'll have to restart. Don't forget that you can drain this deadly liquid off the screen - and once it's gone, it's gone for good. If you have a level that includes dangerous water and normal water, start your solution by working out how to remove the dangerous stuff first.

- The rain clouds in Where's My Mickey? can be filled up with water again, as long as they pass beneath or through a water source. Getting the cloud refilled is essential for some of the trickier levels, so keep this in mind. Make sure you plan the cloud's path around the level very carefully, so you're always going with the flow.

- You need to carve very fine paths for wind to travel through. If it hits a curved corner, it will follow around that corner, but right-angles can stop the breeze cold. You may have to make several attempts to get these paths just right, but don't forget to check and see if there's an easier path it can take.

- The final extra-large levels are particularly tricky to get on top of. More so than in the earlier levels, you're going to need to experiment a lot, but consider breaking the challenge down into smaller sections first, and master each section of the level piece by piece. Again, it can be very helpful to solve the basic challenge of the level first, before going back in and expanding your strategy to get all three stars.

- The red liquid is an obstacle in most levels, but it can also provide an advantage. You don't want this nasty stuff touching Mickey, but it can be used to take out the organic branches that sometimes block access to stars and Mickey himself. Just make sure you get rid of any leftover juice afterwards, so you don't scupper an otherwise solid solution.

- If you need more of that destructive red liquid, simply add more water from a nearby source. This can be particularly useful if you need to clear an obstacle, but don't have quite enough juice to finish the job off. Don't create more red water than you have to though, or you may find yourself with a serious drainage issue.

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