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Words Of Wonder has just been given a fresh new update which introduces new levels, as well as the ability to synch progress between your Facebook and iOS adventures. Stuck on a tricky level? Here are the top hints and tips for beating even the wordiest challenges in the game.


- Save your high-scoring bonus tiles for when it really counts. Even if you tend to hover around the three or four-letter words, it's rarely worth wasting your high-scoring letter tiles here. Every time the board changes, just take a look at your special tiles and see if an easy five letter score has come into play. Very often the game will do the hard work for you.

- If you're really struggling to make progress in Words of Wonder, you can always make use of the various boosts that are available in the game. Some of these will allow you to smash a particularly annoying letter out of existence (an ill-placed 'Q', anyone?), or just give you a handful of extra turns to complete an objective.


- Pay close attention to the objectives you're given in the game. It's very easy to just rack up a high score without paying attention to the finer details of a level's objectives. By all means grab those bonus points, but just make sure you're completing the basics.

- In levels that give you a limited number of moves, it's especially important to make good use of any bonus tiles that appear on the board. Take your time and make every last move count. Can you add an 's' to a word to make a plural? Can you add 'ing' or 'es' to any words you've built? These little details can often make the difference between success and failure.

- Don't worry about leaving behind any bonus tiles if you're about to meet your objectives. Each one left over will explode in a shower of bonus points, so you'll still get some use out of them. It's much more important to take every opportunity you're given to actually complete a level.


- The only exception is when you're faced with clearing a certain number of tiles on the board within a limited number of moves. Here, you'll want to make use of bonus tiles to explode adjacent sections of the board - this doesn't just increase your destruction tally, it also brings new longer word opportunities into play.

- Line-clearing tiles are the holy grail of Words of Wonder, but you're going to need to create a six-letter word to generate the appropriate tile. When you then use that tile, it will detonate in the direction indicated, wiping out every single letter in the way. Creating those blockbuster words is often the key to blasting through the trickiest levels, so take your time.

- To rescue the quills in Words of Wonder, you need to make each one drop to the bottom of the screen. In order to do so, you need to clear every last letter beneath it - easier said than done. This is where those line-clearing tiles are so important, so make sure you take advantage of every opportunity to create one.

- Learn which icon indicates which sort of level in Words of Wonder. The reason for this is simple - if you know what you're heading into, you'll know which pre-level boosts you should apply to counter your own weaknesses. Every little bit of knowledge helps, especially when you reach the later, trickier levels in the game.

- The only way to get more energy in the game is to either pay for gold bars, wait for the energy meter to refill over time, or connect to your Facebook friends to get a handy injection of extra juice. If you can't make progress passed a particular level, make use of every boost you have to smash your way through it.

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