Applifier Reaches 55M Users For Social Game Cross-Promotion

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Applifier reaches 55M users for social game Cross-Promotion, it's a good news for the smaller game developers that the first success to against the three social gaming giants Zynga, EA-Playfish and Disney-Playdom. However, how long this growth can be sustained?

Applifier Reaches 55M Users For Social Game Cross-Promotion

Applifier's network for cross-promoting Facebook social games and apps from developers like Booyah and Digital Chocolate has now hit 55 million monthly users since its April launch, according to the firm.

Cross-promoting titles is a popular strategy for major publishers like Zynga, Playfish, and Playdom, as they're able to direct millions of players from its established social games to try out newly launched or less-trafficked releases.

Applifier helps smaller studios that don't have access to a huge inventory of users by allowing them to band together with other developers for free and cross-promote their titles through a bar featured at the top of each game.

When a user for one developer's game clicks another title in the cross-promotion bar, that first game is then advertised on the bar until someone else clicks and tries it out. Applifier also offers paid user acquisition campaigns.

The network so far includes over 100 apps, including titles like Millionaire City by Digital Chocolate and Nightclub City by Booyah -- Applifier points out that the latter has grown from 50,000 monthly active users since joining Applifier, to 8 million.

Applifier, which aims to level the playing field by bringing participating studios "the same portfolio power that big publishers like Zynga, Playfish, and Playdom get from their large, diverse portfolios", says it's delivered more than 10 million free clicks to its members.

The company was originally established as a social game studio called Everyplay earlier this year, but Applifier has switched its focus to cross-promoting apps. Headed by Jussi Laakkonen, the firm is headquartered in Helskinki, Finland and plans to open a San Francisco office, according to a recently published article by ArcticStartup.



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