Download the Cafe World Game Bar Receive 5 Cafe Cash and Spices

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Cafe World

It's that time once again - time for Zynga to announce a promotion that will see users of one of their games receiving an instant prize for downloading the Zynga Game Bar. In this case, it's Cafe World users who are receiving a bonus, in the form of free Cafe Cash.

For those that have never downloaded the Zynga Game Bar in the past, you'll need to do so by clicking on this link. So long as you are running an updated version of either Internet Explorer or Firefox, you will be able to download the toolbar to your browser.

Cafe World Tool Bar

After doing so, simply enter the game from the toolbar, and you'll receive 5 Cafe Cash, absolutely free. After this, for every eight hours that you use the bar (that is, if you use the bar to enter the game every eight hours), you'll receive three premium spices, also for free. These could be spices that lower the remaining cooking time on dishes, ones that add extra mastery points or extra servings to a dish and so on.

As for the bar itself, it's a handy little tool that will keep track of how many hours you have left before your dishes are ready to serve, and also grants you initial access to be one of the first to learn about new limited edition items or sales.

Cafe World Tool Bar

For those that have already downloaded the Zynga Game Bar for another of the developer's games, like FarmVille, FrontierVille or Mafia Wars, you do not have to uninstall and re-download the bar for this to work. Simply choose Cafe World from the drop down menu of games on the far left side of the toolbar, and click on Cafe World. This loads in that particular toolbar, with that game's specific stats, and should allow you to earn the 5 free Cafe Cash by entering the game.

What will you do with your free Cafe Cash?



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