Facebook Reunites a Father and Daughter After 14 Years

Date: Sep 23 2010 05:26:48 Source: Views:
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Facebook is known for reconnecting old friends, but a Glenburn man used the website to reconnect with his daughter after 14 years apart.

"I had my hand on my mouse and I was like, ooohhh, and when I clicked it I cried." Thomas Wright couldn't believe it when he found his daughter on Facebook. The last time he saw Kimberly, she was six years old. It was before her mother put her up for adoption.

"I was kind of shocked and I was trying to find out where Kimberly was and I was making no headway."

Wright continued his efforts for the next fourteen years, contacting numerous resources like the state department and checking out dozens of websites.

Meanwhile, Kimberly says she was growing up without a stable home life, being tossed from place to place.

"When I turned 18, I decided I had enough of it," she said.

But that was all about to change.

Wright says he usually spends his time on Facebook playing games. When his ex-wife gave him an updated photo of his long lost daughter, he found the ultimate prize. "I happened to type it up on Facebook and there she was." he said. The two exchanged phone numbers and arranged to meet.

Kimberly took a bus from Georgia to reunite with her father in Maine.

"She got off the bus and I spotted her right away just went up and gave her a big old hug," he said.

Now back with her father, Kimberly says she can't wait to begin her new life and to enjoy moments with the family she always wanted.

"Everything. Christmas, Thanksgiving, birthdays. My dad is still in shock that I'm almost 21. It's amazing. I just can't wait," she said.



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