Possible Ubisoft Game, Gone Amazon, Launches on Facebook

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Gone Amazon

Word on the wind is that Ubisoft has a big social gaming announcement on the horizon, but in the meantime we've found a game on Facebook that may well be a stealthy release from the developer. Based on the data calls of a new game by the name of Gone Amazon, the title is from the giant French developer. Although Gone Amazon has been around since June, the title had only a handful of players until a few days ago, when it began to spike upward to its current 173,475 monthly active users.

Gone Amazon
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Essentially a virtual space with basic society-sim mechanics, the game takes on a satirical role, poking fun at pop-culture standbys. It's a game that's fairly fun at first, with an amusing and comical style. That said, it suffers from repetitiveness and a general lack of things to do. In addition, the player's progress in the game seems to stagnate and plateau early.

One of the few non-role-playing games with any semblance of story, players start out in Gone Amazon with a short cut-scene that plays homage to the popular television series, Lost. In a comedic fashion, users crash land in the middle of the Amazon, and using a small spit of land, must survive and thrive. All the while, they manage themselves and any other survivors that they might find.

The key to Gone Amazon is constructing resource structures in order to produce coins. These include banana trees, paper trees, and so forth. In order to produce anything, however, one of the survivors must man the "structure" (simply click the survivor then click the object to assign them to). Depending on the level of the object, it will earn more money over longer periods of time.

As a moderate resource management feature, each survivor also has a set amount of energy. This signifies how long they can work for, and equates to about 12 hours of work. Once exhausted, they have to rest. This mechanic works in a similar nature to that of ngmoco's GodFinger, in that spent characters must relax and rest for a period of time, in order to do more work.

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