Facebook Games Weekly News Wrap-up: Oct 4 to Oct 9

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Since Facebook created possibility for developers to make their own apps they have created really creative and funny games to users. And the popularity of the games on facebook is growing because of the huge number of users.

What news about Facebook games have been brought forth on BBGsite during the past week? Sort out your thought in this Facebook games weekly news wrap-up.

1. Crazy New Facebook Game Will Pay Its Top Players

A New Jersey developer called Apps Genius says it is going to pay Facebook users for playing its new game, My Mad Millions.

Specifically, Apps Genius says that the top 20% most active players each day will receive virtual rewards that can be turned in for cash worth 50% of the game's revenue that day.

My Mad Millions

This incentive program fits in neatly with the game's unusual premise: you assume the role of someone who has just inherited $300 million dollars. The object of the game is to blow through this money as quickly as possible and end up with nothing.

The basic mechanics of the game -- and thus its revenue model -- are pretty similar to just about everything else you see on Facebook. You have a certain amount of 'energy' which is consumed whenever you perform actions in the game (in this case renting extravagant homes, throwing wild parties, making dodgy investments, etc.) When you run out of energy, you have to wait for it to recharge, or pay real money for more.

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