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My Mad Millions

Top Players Receive 50% of Publisher's Revenue

Apps Genius Corp, the developer and publisher of social games and software applications, today announced the launch of their flagship online social game, My Mad Millions for Facebook, which takes the genre to the next level. The game challenges players to spend an entire $300 million virtual inheritance by indulging in the excesses of the rich and famous. Users are rewarded with varying points for accomplishing their digital spending sprees and twice a month, the top 20% of active users will reap the rewards offline by sharing in 50% of Apps Genius' game revenue.

My Mad Millions players assume the role of a millionaire jet-setter who needs to spend an entire $300 million virtual inheritance and end up penniless. In addition to investing in the in-game stock market, which is integrated with real stock-market data, users are also presented with a number of options to divest themselves of their entire fortune, including:

  • Renting mansions, boats and jets or buying clothes and accessories;
  • Making bad bets on real-life sporting events, or gambling at the in-game casino on poker and horse racing;
  • Hiring their friends in-game to be part of their entourage and paying them salaries or buying them gifts;
  • Challenging other players in the battle arena to one-on-one games of rock paper scissors, dice, war, or a coin toss.

Regular play works in the users' favor. Not only does it serve to keep their bank balance low, but the more users play My Mad Millions, the more points they earn in-game which can be redeemed offline. Each day, the game calculates the top 20% most active users and awards them Black Diamond Titanium Reward Cards which are redeemable for a share of 50% of the game's revenue twice a month. Apps Genius uses a propriety algorithm to measures players' gaming behavior, usage and social interactivity and split up the revenue share with these power users.

My Mad Millions players can also redeem targeted coupons, promotions, and third-party offers through the game as an affiliate partner that increase their virtual currency, energy, and game level, providing them with a richer gaming experience.

"Instead of spending $20 of real money on virtual tractors, we decided to develop a game where players could not only live a fantasy, but they could earn real money while doing so," said Adam Kotkin, CEO of Apps Genius. "My Mad Millions lets users live an extravagant lifestyle with none of the buyer's remorse."

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