Facebook and Square Enix Join up to Release Two Beta Version Games

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KeyWord: Square Enix, beta version games, Chocobo's Crystal Tower, Knights of the Crystal

On November 2nd, Square Enix Ltd. announced its friendship with Facebook. Two Final Fantasy based beta version games were released: Chocobo's Crystal Tower and Knights of the Crystal.

Chocobo's Crystal Tower

This fun RPG stars Final Fantasy's popular Chocobos. Players must hatch and raise Chocobos through grooming, petting, and feeding. Once the Chocobos are strong enough, they must be sent out to towers that have appeared across the land. The idea of the game is for the Chocobos to defeat the towers and earn Gil along with rare items. The Gil can be used in the shop to buy clothing food, and decorations for a player's ranch.

While one Chocobo is off trekking through a tower, a player can return to the ranch and tend to the other animals. To see the progress of the tower-storming Chocobos, players just simply click on the sign that replaces the Chocobo on the ranch. Players can also visit their friends' ranches to brush and treat the Chocobos there.

More info about Chocobo's Crystal Tower:

Knights of the Crystal

Knights of the Crystal

Knights of the Crystal is a mission, or quest based, RPG. Players complete quests alone, or in cooperation with friends, to gains experience, items, and gold pieces. A wide range of quests await those who wish to delve into the adventuring world. As players explore and advanced in strength, they must face bosses and defeat them in order to advance. The battles may get harder, but with the increased difficulty comes more rewards.

Another feature that Knights of the Crystal boasts is the ability to fight other players. By battling others, players can earn gold as well as up their stats. At the same time, other players can attack you and steal gold from your stash.



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