20 Essential Social Game Monetization Tools That Every Game Should Use

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When it comes to monetization,there are few different types of players in the space such as offer,payment and micropayment solution providers. Each company brings its own talents and value add to the table but in the end there's not enough room for all the players. Many companies will fail or consolidate in this space. The following is a list of most of the players in the monetization arena and please let us know in the comments below names of companies we may have left out.

Offer companies

Offer companies have special offers,surveys,video offers,shopping rewards and tasks that users can do in order to earn virtual currency. These types of offers best relate to those users who do not want to purchase virtual currency directly or are unable to do so. These offers are usually packaged in a branded i-frame that game developers can plug-in to their game,although this does create a disjointed experience for the user as they have to leave the game to a third party in order to earn virtual currency.

To minimize this disruptive practice,offer companies have begun providing in-game integrations of offers with customized looks that allow developers to blend them nicely within their game's environment. Companies offer XML and JSON feeds for complete custom integration capabilities that can lead to a 150-200% increase in revenues. Companies are also looking to target online players with specific offers within the context of the game,through the promotion of game items and discounts on buying virtual currency.

The standard cut is 80-20,80 percent of the users' price paid goes to the publisher and 20 percent goes to the offer provider. These rates are always negotiated on a per publisher basis based on metrics such as volume. Many claim to be the best at what they do but everything should be tested. A/B testing allows developers to find out which provider has the best eCPMs. In the end all companies are competing for the same top affiliates and publishers as well as offers.


Tapjoy is the leader in monetization and distribution services for social and mobile gaming applications,MMOs,virtual worlds,social platforms and other publishers selling virtual goods or premium digital assets.

Our alternative payment solutions enable developers to increase payment conversions and generate incremental revenue,while our cross-platform distribution channel delivers cost-effective user acquisition and re-engagement services across Yahoo,Google,Windows Live and other leading web sites and containers.

What sets them apart

Distribution on social and mobile web platforms; lowest pay per install acquisition for smart phones starting at $0.35.

Developers pay per install starting at $0.35 for free apps and 50 percent of the cost for paid apps.



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