Epic Fighters Guide: How to Win More Battles

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Epic Fighters

Epic Fighters is a brand new game from Facebook game makers Digital Chocolate, the fourth game in 2 weeks by the company, and possibly the most in-depth of them all. It is an RPG, modeled after previous Digital Chocolate game MMA Pro Fighter, but with a much more fantasy-oriented and semi-medieval tack. In it you battle others, complete quests, and fight epic boss battles either for yourself or your friends, all for the purpose of leveling up, gaining coins, and eventually beating the game. For some tips, tricks and cheats for Epic Fighters, all of which will make the game much easier to beat, read on...

Gaining levels is very easy up all the way through level 7 or so. To gain levels at a rapid pace, simply do the quests consistently. When you level up, your stamina will refill itself, and for the first 7 or 8 levels, completing the quests will be enough to give you the experience points in order to level up before you run out of stamina. Eventually, you will run out of stamina before you can level up, but by that time, you should have plenty of money built up.

Epic Fighters Guide: How to Win More Battles

By Evan Hutchinson From

The most stamina-efficient way to earn money, though, is to duel with other epic fighters and win. If you lose, you still get a consolation prize, but if you win, you get more money and more experience. 

Here are some techniques to help you win more battles:

First of all, spend all of your money early on, on techniques. They cost far less than weapons do, and upgrading a technique you already have costs even less, yet you do far more damage this way. And don't neglect defensive techniques either - in fact, they are more important than offensive techniques, and you can't lose a duel faster than by being hit with someone else's technique that you have no defense whatsoever against. 

The cheapest techniques to upgrade are the ones associated with your main fighting styles, so max those out first (both offensive and defensive). After that, learn and max out all of your defensive techniques first (both the ones associated with your fighting styles, and the ones which aren't associated with your fighting styles). The reason for this is, you can fight many different styled fighters, and you can be effective against all of them with just one style of attacks, but a fighter with differently-styled attacks can easily smash you if you have no defense. So make sure that your defensive maneuvers are all maxed out before you even think about loading up on offensive techniques from other fighting styles.

Before you begin a duel, check your gameplan and tailor it to whoever you are fighting. Keep every single one of your defensive techniques enabled, but check out your enemy's common defensive techniques. If any of them are maxed out, disable any attack you have that the maxed-out defensive techniques are made to defend against. And if he has a very low level defensive technique, make sure that your high-level offensive technique that it's associated with, is enabled. This will enable you to win a FAR higher percentage of your duels.

To upgrade ranks in Epic Fighters, keep dueling against other fighters, and duel against boss fighters. When you beat a boss fighter, you take their rank away from them and you keep it as your own brand-new rank.

To more easily beat the epic boss fights, first pay attention to what attacks they are using against you, and max out your defenses against those specific attacks. Then, make sure you have selected only your most powerful attacks as active - don't activate your less powerful attacks. Make sure you have the most powerful weapon you can buy, too. Then, keep attacking, recovering, attacking and recovering. This will help you smoke the epic boss fights.

Don't be in too much of a hurry to win the epic boss fight, through. Stretch it out as long as you can, so that you can complete the daily challenge multiple days in a row. Epic boss fights come few and far between, so stretch it out while you're engaging in it.

And finally, to find lots of friends for the game



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