Digital Chololate's Latest Facebook Game: Epic Fighters

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We have reported that Ninjas Rising might be Digital Chololate's latest Facebook game for there's an empty sub-forum on Digital Chocolate forums which pertains to "Ninjas Rising". And we guessed the newest Facebook game might be a RPG with the story of warfare in middle ages too. Today, we can get the exactly game name: Epic Fighters.

Digital Chocolate launched their latest Facebook game, Epic Fighters, and it's a role playing game.

"War has divided the land and it is now up to you to create an Epic Fighter to restore harmony. Choose between Human, Forest Elf, Dark Elf and Undead races. Customize your warrior with an array of options including weapons, armor, helmets and more. Challenge friends to a duel or train with them in Guilds to increase your experience. The time has come for a hero to save the mystical realm."

Epic Fighters
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Recently, Digital Chocolate launches series of new Facebook games , such as Hollywood City, Vegas City, Island God and Legacy of a Thousand Suns. And follow up is Epic Fighters. These games feature sci-fi, adventure, gamble and warfare. Is there a possibility that Digital Chocolate can replace Zynga to become the top one developer of Facebook games? Let's wait and see.



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