Car Town Guide: Leveling Up

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Car Town

Leveling up is easy on the lower levels of Car Town if you do the right actions. In this article, I will share how to level up quickly so that you can quickly climb up. I made the first 7 levels of Car Town quickly when I researched this article.

Car Town Guide: Leveling Up


When you begin on level one in Car Town, you have a beater car and a plain garage. I suggest you leave them both plain for at least the first ten levels. Why waste money on little things like decorations, modifications, and upgrades when you are trying to level up?

On the first level, you can gain experience by working on a car or delivering a pizza. It's a quick jump through the first few levels if you are careful at how you play the Car Town game.

You can gain experience in the game by delivering food, working on cars and racing your friends. The delivery of pizza and washing the car will give you the most experience points they each give ten points. Hanging the fuzzy dice in Car Town will get you five experience points. Racing gives you five experience points when you win a race!

With an unmodified car or truck, you will no doubt loose the race, which is a bummer. When you are on the losing end, as you get no experience points. However if you do win you get five experience points and 500 coins which is cool. Racing is fun and with practice you can win but it's a poor way to gain the experience needed to level up in Car Town.

A player needs 25 experience points to reach level 2, and fifty experience points to hit level 3. On these levels, deliver pizzas with your two workers to get the most points and cash. You will be offered a car if you win a race, pick one and use it as a personal car and deliver the pizzas with it. Use the car you were given in the game to deliver pizzas and do not upgrade anything in the Car Town game just yet. I'd say skip the racing and allow the cars to idle at the curb.

A player needs 200 experience points to reach level 4 where there is a nice bonus of coins and a nice surprise. One can now hire a third worker, set him up to begin working on cars in the shop but leave the other two
 workers delivering the pizzas. At 500 experience points, a player will hit level five, and I recommend that the player continues to have 2 deliveries going and one worker on the cars until you reach 900 experience points. That's when you hit level 6 and then that Car Town game changes a bit.

When you have enough to hit this level, you also have 6 of those blue coins. Use them to upgrade the size of your garage free. Free expansions are always great! Use your coins to add stuff to your garage, or modify your cars or trucks to beat your friends.

A player needs 1220 points a player will hit level seven in Car Town, with 1820 they will reach level 8. See it's easy. I would highly recommend keeping most of the workers on delivering pizzas to gain the experience points. Go easy on the spending and you will climb the levels like a pro in Car Town and leave your friends in your dust.

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