Privacy Tips for Facebook Families to Ensure the Finance Safe

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"Teens are using Facebook for almost every aspect of their social lives, from promoting their relationship status (available), to reporting on last night's party (check out the photos), to playing games (level up on Farmville). But Facebook's popularity has led to some unintended consequences -- risks that could endanger your child's financial well-being and possibly yours as well."

Since Facebook's launch, the company has slowly but surely opened up the network to the globe. What it comes at a serious price is: your privacy. However, there's a study saying that the apps are 'tracking'users. Facebook encountered the first privacy issues.

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But it's not the only thing you should worry about.

There's a report saying that a girl of seven racked up a bill in just one hour on Facebook. The dad Matthew, 35, had forgotten to log off his stored PayPal payment details, and he got an email billing home for 400US dollars for his daughter Megan's games session. Matthew and wife Dawn pleased with Facebook and PayPal for a refund but were refused Matthew said: "She was playing the game, asking which dresses we preferred. We played along, not realising she was actually spending money. I was mortified when I found what had happened." Full news here.

"Most teens post all kinds of identifying information on Facebook, says Jay Foley of the Identity Theft Resource Center. This makes the site a gold mine for ID thieves, who plunder pages for data they can use to apply for loans and credit cards. Scammers also try to get personal details by sending quizzes or games with keystroke collecting malware attached. If your child is using your computer, your data is at risk too."

Parents are concerning about what their children were actually doing on Facebook But most of them don't know how to ensure their kids are keeping their lives private and information about themselves safe; kids want to ensure their keeping their lives private, too

Want to avoid the risks that could endanger your child's financial well-being? You don't want to miss the Privacy tips for Facebook families.



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