Social Gaming Meets Real Food in New Time Management Restaurant Game On Facebook

Date: Dec 02 2010 11:28:30 Source: Social Gaming Views:
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Silicon valley-based tech upstart Mobilitz announced the official launch of its social time-management game for Facebook. Called Heaven's Diner, the game offers a unique blend of game play and the real world through the utility of user-generated food content. More after the jump.

Heaven's Diner's extensions into the real world are matched by an interesting concept its title alludes to: heavenly dining. Players start by creating their own restaurant in heaven for divine customers. That's right, the objective is serve God and his angels a variety of food ranging from sauteed octopus to pizza. Players begin in Prima Heaven and work their way up through the heavens, gaining in ranks and building customized menus to serve.

This is where the real world tie-in comes into play. Players have the opportunity to photograph their dishes, created by themselves or those in restaurants, and add them to the choices of food they can serve. The game also offers a cool option of adding reviews to the various food choices. Once the menu is chosen, visitors start approaching and placing orders. Players then click the picture of food that's ordered to begin preparation. Players have to act fast to satisfy the customers, as a late or incorrect arrival can increase your chances of being hell-bound.

Satisfying customers is important as it gives players Karma and causes a meter to slowly rise, with a God visiting once its filled up. Players can hire special waiters to make preparations easier and enhance their gameplay experience. Heaven's Diner has also been recently updated with a leaderboard and bonuses for adding friends and visiting their restaurants. Players visiting their friends can enchant their food, ask for energy and also rate their food.

Mobilitz is also offering players a geo-location enabled iPhone app that will make it easy for players to upload images of dishes and reward them for fulfilling quests. The quests are relatively fun and ask the users to visit local restaurants and take pictures of their dishes. Apart from the fun features, it's important to note that the game has a strong skill component and is not just a simple social game like Cafeworld. With time management, user-generated content, real life quests and food involved, Mobilitz is offering a truly compelling social game.

"Our mission is to keep our users constantly engaged and delighted by providing them with a dynamic, integrated social gaming experience," said Mobilitz CEO and Founder, Krating Poonpol. "So in this new update to Heaven's Diner, we've developed even more whimsical, quirky, and challenging features that will give players more opportunities to increase momentum in serving their way through heaven. Basically, we made an already fun game even better, because that's just what we do!"

Heaven's Diner is now available on Facebook at The Heaven's Diner iPhone app will be available as a free download from the App Store in November.




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