Angry Birds Game Coming to Facebook, PCs; Sequel in 2011

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The popular mobile game Angry Birds will soon be coming to game consoles, Facebook and desktop PCs, Digital Journal learned in an interview with the game's developer Rovio. A sequel will also be launched in 2011.

People who don't play video games play Angry Birds. It might be a marketing statement from Ville Heijari, vice-president of public relations for Rovio, but it's also an apt description for the simple addictive video game storming across smartphones.

Since it debuted last year, Angry Birds has been downloaded more than 10 million times. "This app has exceeded our wildest dreams," says Heijari, on the phone from Rovio's headquarters in Finland. "We would've been happy with 150,00 downloads."

Angry Birds is a puzzle game where players control birds they can "flick" across their touchscreens to destroy smirking pigs and makeshift buildings made from wood and concrete pillers. The goal is to get the bird to break through the walls and hit the pigs. As the levels progress, the pigs are increasingly difficult to reach, and players have to figure out various angles at which to fling the birds, and which birds to use. Birds with various powers begin to appear in later levels.

As popular as Angry Birds has become on smartphones, Rovio plans to expand in the coming weeks. The company is dubbing Dec. 11 Angry Birds Day, encouraging game fans to meet up in their communities and dress up as their favourite characters. One of the biggest meet-ups is scheduled for Trafalgar Square in London.

But before that event, Heijari tells they'll announce some new developments, such as bringing Angry Birds to more platforms. News of the console versions have already been leaked: Angry Birds is expected to swoop onto the Xbox 360, Nintendo Wii, and Playstation 3.

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