CityVille Faces New Challenger in Big Business on Facebook

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While city simulation games like CityVille and Social City do address how important businesses are to city life, they skimp out on the nitty gritty details. The micro manager in all of us-well, some of us-wants to worry about shipments, goods production, sales and even resource management. This is where Game Insight comes in with Big Business, a city-building Facebook game that gets down and dirty with what's really makes a city work.

Continue reading to find out how Big Business fairs among the nuances of running a city.

The first thing you'll notice about Big Business is that it runs without a hitch. Nearly every action is fully animated amongst bustling citizens and buildings constantly abuzz with activity. And because of how smooth the game runs, Game Insight made a point at every turn to show it off. This becomes obvious when nearly every action in the game is fully animated, which is a double-edged sword of sorts.

While it's certainly a sight to literally see your town at work, the fact that everything is animated means that almost no action is instant. Because of this, expect to spend more time in Big Business doing routine tasks than in other social games. However, this relaxed gameplay style goes a bit too far by bleeding through everything else in the game. For instance, the game's tutorial tasks you with building a power plant to fuel your city's homes and businesses, which is done instantly. This is far from the reality of the rest of the game where most other buildings will take hours to construct. And while you can speed up the process through coins and City Credits-the game's paid currency-I'd personally rather spend premium currency on cool items than faster, generic ones.

One thing Big Business does exceptionally well is its business ecosystem. If that sounds a bit confusing, what I mean is that every type of building works with the others and if one falls behind, the others lose as well. This makes for an interesting balance between maintaining your city's population through Houses while producing and either selling goods to Supermarkets or transporting to other production facilities for use in more complex goods. Though, all of which cannot be done without Garages and the transport vehicles to support them.




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