Facebook, Twitter Taking Up Your Time?

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Are you like the rest of the world right now?  Caught up in the fascination with Twitter and Facebook? You have tons of games to play or you get breaking news you can read before it even hits the reporters desk.  A new study from Travelodge shows that 72 percent of 6,000 people check their social networking before they hit the hay for the night.

Does this come as any surprise to you at all?  The study showed that British folk are all about their social networking as a way to end the day.  Unlike a good TV show or reading a book like you might have done 10 years ago.  The peak time for this activity seems to be falling around the 9:45pm mark.

Don't worry there are plenty of other stats to go with the study as well.  According to the report, 18 percent say they have tweeted in bed, 20percent of adults checking Twitter for news about a favorite celeb and a whopping 65% check their text messages before going to sleep.  Do you think your social networking usage has taken over your life?

Let's not even talk about social networking taking our time, 1 in 5 people in the survey claimed they have even stopped making love to check a new text message.  What is that all about?  Has social networking grown to be that big of a part of our lives?  Judging by these stats one would have to agree that it has.

Not too mention the fact that you are on these sites in the morning, while at work and right before bed, 27 percent said they have been awoken in the middle of the night by a new text message alert or email.  Now we are even losing sleep over social networking, this is getting very much out of hand.




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