Infinite Realms Offers Science Fiction Real Time Strategy Gameplay on Facebook

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Infinite Realms was launched on Facebook at the beginning of December, and has since climbed to over 42,000 users. The game,s real-time-strategy gameplay is served with a science-fiction storyline surrounding you, as a galactic traveler, that must traverse the many galaxies of space on your mission of expanding your own realm, and protecting a group known as the Confederation.

Infinite Realms

Infinite Realms has some of the best graphics we,ve seen from a game starting right out of the gate, and also offers real-time chat amongst players. The gameplay here is complex, as is normally the case in a real-time strategy game, where battles take place with, as the genre suggests, strategy, rather than just luck. However, the gameplay seems to be setup in such a way as to be friendly to those who are lacking in experience with the genre.

Meet us behind the break for a complete preview of Infinite Realms on Facebook.

Infinite Realms contains a detailed tutorial, which, while containing a few mis-translated portions, serves to show you the basics of gameplay. You,ll be able to control outposts or bases, which serve as your overall command centers for a particular planet. Within these outposts, you,ll be able to construct buildings like Rations Depots (rations are used to train military units), Refineries (extracts resources like gas), Armories (manufactures heavy-weaponry like tanks), Barracks (trains and outfits new soldiers with equipment) and more.

You,ll only be able to construct new buildings where there are free construction plots on your Outpost. As there are a limited number of these construction plots available, you,ll need to think ahead so as to give each outpost a variety of buildings, so that they are never lacking in resources or military units.

Infinite Realms

You,ll be helped in your progress by a quest system, that will reward you with rations, reputation points (the game,s experience points), and other items. Your available minerals and resources are listed at the top of the screen, and you,ll have to build the appropriate buildings to make sure these items are constantly produced, even when you,re not playing the game. Think of production as a sort of factory job - you can increase the production rate of your resources by adding workers - in this case boost items - to the production line. Most of these items will only boost production for a limited amount of time, however, so you,ll need to make sure to use them when they are needed most.




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