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Those that can't get enough Final Fantasy can celebrate the release of two new editions to the series's library. However, these games don't appear on any conventional game system. The two Final Fantasy games are both Facebook games and where one succeeKnights of the Crystalsds the other one takes a small dip into mediocrity.


The first game, Chocobo's Crystal Tower, is a virtual pet simulator where a player raises those adorable chickens from the Final Fantasy series. Eggs are hatched into chicks, chocobos are raised into adulthood, and eventually the creatures are released back into the wild to make room for new additions to the farm. Each chocobo has stats that can be raised by feeding them the appropriate food and they can be sent to towers to gain gold and other goodies. The game is actually quite enjoyable and even more fun with friends. Chocobo's Crystal Tower allows users to visit their friends' farms and tend to other chocobos to level up. Breeding can also be initiated with a friend's chocobo in order to gain points and to have a better control over the offspring's color and stats. Since the game is still in beta, the equipment, dungeons, and farm decoration choices are limited but Square Enix promises to expand the game through updates. So far the game is shaping up quite nicely and is worth playing.

Chocobo's Crystal Tower
Chocobo's Crystal Tower Screenshot

Chocobo's Crystal Tower
Chocobo's Crystal Tower Screenshot



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