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Hamburg, January 20. Today, InnoGames´ second Social Game BlockStreet started into Closed Beta.In the game, the player has to convert a run‐down city district into a flourishing and lively town.Besides residential buildings, shops or gardens it is possible to realize large construction projects like the Eiffel Tower, open-air theatres or sports stadiums. Passionate builders should take a look at, to get one of the wanted Beta positions.


In order to make his residents happy, the player has to recognize their needs and fulfill theirindividual desires: If they are hungry, the best thing to do is building a diner and serving them delicious Fast Food. If the inhabitants are more interested in fine arts, he creates an art exhibition hall. While happiness and activity of the residents increase, the player collects experience points and money, with which he can unlock house improvements, new buildings and more districts. It is his own choice whether to create a modern business center or a calm residential neighborhood. As the game develops, the residents´ demands increase and their wishes become more manifold.


Additional fun during game play brings the interaction with friends, relatives or colleagues. As neighbors, the players are able to complete construction projects together and support each other with their house improvements. But besides helping each other, it is also possible to play a trick: For example sending witches or a loud fan group to the flourishing neighbor town, in order to bring some trouble.

After WestWars, BlockStreet is the second Social Game which InnoGames publishes on Facebook,Game Developer is Cliffhanger Productions. InnoGames also produces Browsergames like Tribal Wars, Grepolis and The West, which are played by more than 50 million registered users all over the world. Cliffhanger Productions, founded in 2005, is an independent developer and producer of pcand videogames with focus on online games. Besides the production of SpellForce and Risen they also developed own projects in the online gaming section.



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