Facebook Games Weekly News Wrap-up: Jan 17 to Jan 22

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Since Facebook created possibility for developers to make their own apps they have created really creative and funny games to users. And the popularity of the games on facebook is growing because of the huge number of users.

What news about Facebook games have been brought forth on BBGsite during the past week? Sort out your thought in this Facebook games weekly news wrap-up.

I. Destiny Stone Chapter 5: The Fall of Seyrenia


Get ready to continue your adventure in the next exciting chapter of Destiny Stone!

A war rages between the Kraken and the Sirens deep beneath the Nassarian ocean. Shipwrecked and lost at sea, you must choose your side carefully in order to protect the ones you love. Will you serve the warmongering king of the Kraken or side with a beautiful but innocent Seyrenian princess? With your friends in danger, and the fate of Nassaria at stake, you might not have a choice at all...

Prepare to turn the tide and fulfill your destiny in the undersea kingdom of Seyrenia!

New Friends

Team up with two more Jewel Guardians on your adventure to repair the Destiny Stone!

Zachary Topaz
Zachary is a wild child of from the jungles of Finn. He may be immature, but what he lacks in manners he more than makes up for in spirit.

Ashley Emerald
Your lifelong friend and heir to the Emerald family fortune, Ashley hides an incredible secret from her past.











New Foes

Battle dangerous enemies deep in the uncharted waters of Nassaria.

Raiding Octopus

Starfish Musher

Spiny Bomb







Dungeon Overlord on Facebook: Villainy and Tedium go Hand-in-Hand



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