Official FarmVille Podcast (02/04/11): 28 x 28 Land Expansion Coming Next Week

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In this week's official FarmVille Podcast, Zynga gave all listeners a brief sneak peek of some new features and changes that will be coming to FarmVille in the near future. While most of this podcast was concerned with giving an overview of the new Greenhouse feature, we did get a couple of previews, one which seems to finally put the next land expansion issue to bed once and for all.

That's right, Zynga has yet again brought up the topic of the 28 x 28 land expansion, but this time, they've actually given us an exact time frame for its release - it will be coming to the game, available for coins, next week. Apparently, this expansion was formerly going to be part of another feature in the game, but Zynga has scrapped that feature (at least for now), so they've decided to simply release the land expansion to satisfy users that have been waiting for it since last year when it was released for Farm Cash.

Along with this, Zynga once again confirmed that watering cans will soon be available to earn from Orchards. They've also given us a ratio - two watering cans will be received per Orchard harvested, and you'll also receive an extra watering can, that is only available to share on your wall (up to ten neighbors can claim this free can).

Lastly, Zynga will soon be introducing a new set of crops to the game, which offer more experience points and more coins than normal crops. No other details were shared about these crops, such as when they will be released, but they appear to be unrelated to any other feature.

While this isn't as feature-heavy a podcast as we're used to, it is nice to see Zynga finally announcing a static release window for the next expansion. When it, and these other hinted features launch in the game, we'll be sure to let you know.



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