Picture of the Day: Emily Bear's Valentine's Day Farm

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FarmVille player, Emily Bear (also known as Emerson865 on the FarmVille Forums), has grown one of the most beautiful farms we've ever seen just in time for Valentine's Day.

The incredible attention to detail makes Ms. Bear's farm, which was inspired by her son, a magnificent spectacle to behold. Notice the rainbow colored heart made entirely out of trees, the handsome pink and purple border, and finally, the incredible complexity of the central heart itself, which features a variety of different crops and animals. This is FarmVille art at its finest.

Continue reading to see what the artist, Ms. Bear, had to say about her masterpiece.

"My farm has always been my escape from the stresses of everyday life. It has been a great way for me to combine creativity, as well as a way to enlist my imagination.

I constantly change the overall theme of my farm. This particular configuration actually came about out of my thirteen-year-old son's drawing. He drew a rainbow in the shape of a heart and it really captured my attention. I have a lot of orchards on my farm and the biggest trick was to make sure the colors were as close to a rainbow blend as possible.

It did not really take me long to get the orchards in place, but the plots were another matter. After all, a farm is not really a farm without plots. I also have a lot of random animals and learning some of the tricks to hiding them is also key. After those steps, it was just a matter of planning and timing out the different crops of the inner heart, which mirrored the colors of the orchards.

The biggest piece of advice I can offer is to always remember that any farm can be beautiful. It does not matter if a farm is designed around hay bales, trees or animals. Often some of the most basic decorations are the best items to decorate with." - Ms. Bear



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