Top Social Games Get Affectionate For Valentine’s Day

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KeyWord: CityVille, FarmVille, Texas HoldEm Poker, FrontierVille, Cafe World

A number of developers are up to something special for Valentine's Day, so we decided to take a look at some of the top titles.

Here is our roundup of what the top social games on Facebook are doing for the annual day of love, based on their monthly active user rankings on our tracking service, AppData.

1. CityVille. CityVille — The largest title on Facebook with nearly 96.3 million MAU, Zynga‘s CityVille is certainly involved in to the Valentine's scene. However, all that is currently offered, of significance, are some special "Valentine's Roses" at the cost of five Cash (virtual currency): the vibrantly colored flora does offer significant amounts of Goods for players that plant them.

However, players, at one point, could also create custom virtual cards to send to friends, as notes. Though the feature appears to no longer be available, users could receive these cards, which would grant them access to various Valentine-themed items. Additionally, to help with the purchases, offers to earn extra City Cash have also been tied to some useful real purchases including savings from ProFlowers and some nifty chocolate covered strawberries from Shari's Berries.

2. FarmVille. FarmVille — Even if FarmVille is now the second-largest title on Facebook, its veteran team has filled it with a tremendous variety of Valentine's gifts and goods. Aside from the ability to gift unique Valentine items once a day, for 12 days, for a special bonus prize (all of which can be bought with virtual currency), players may have also noticed a curious new marketing mechanic. Users can actually visit a pre-designed farm that allows them to see all of the new items on display (think furniture showroom) and purchase them with a mere click.

Also of interest, FarmVille is using the special gifted of currency of "Valentines" sent via a special item and uses them to purchase other special goods; the same way it did with Thanksgiving and Christmas. Additionally, for those that might not be into the whole "lovey-dovey" element of the holiday, the game also offers some darker items such as the Black Cherry Horse, Broken Heart Home, or Black Rose Arch. To top it all off, this past weekend, players could purchase Farm Cash at a 20% discount. Also, players can also participate in offers from ProFlowers (as a note, the ProFlowers offer is available for most of the Zynga games) here as well.

3. Texas HoldEm Poker — Sadly, the third-largest game on Facebook, Texas HoldEm (Zynga) Poker, had nothing special for Valentine's Day that we saw.

4. FrontierVille. FrontierVille — FrontierVille actually had one of the more interesting Valentine's Day mechanics. What better way to get into the holiday then let players play a digital Cupid. Zynga actually incorporated a series of special Valentine's missions to participate in, but of particular interest are those involving the "Kissing Tree" and a little matchmaking. Building the tree with help from friends, players can actually choose the romantic outcome of the love triangle between the characters of Hank, Fanny Wildcat, and Bess, pairing any two together. After the pairing, extra missions unlocked for bonus experience, coin, and so on.

5. Cafe World — Cafe World actually got into the contests this year with its Valentine's Day Sweepstakes. Yes, the game has Valentine-themed virtual goods, but along with this, players can participate in an eight part mission series in order to get two characters – "Espresso Joe" and "Lisa Latte" – together. Once completed, either through the help of friends or virtual currency, players are eligible to win some pretty hefty prizes including a Tiffany's Pendant, an iPad, an iPod Touch, or 50 "Instant Thymes."




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