Gardens of Time: Facebook's First Fully Realized Hidden Object Game Arrives in Late March

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Gardens of Time 

If there's one casual gaming genre that's been missing from Facebook -- it's the hidden object game. If you're not familiar with these games, they generally involve finding a series of objects cleverly hidden inside a lush, colorful scene and -- let me tell you -- they are surprisingly addictive.

So, big applause goes to Playdom, who will be bringing the first fully realized hidden object game to Facebook. The name of the game is Gardens of Time, where you play as a time traveler who hops into his/her time machine and travels to exotic scenes ripped from history, where you will stop and find hidden objects. Players will have a certain amount of energy to spend on playing games (one puzzle might cost, say, 20 energy) and once the energy runs out, you'll have to either buy more or wait for it to regeneration.

Note: Image above is not from Playdom's Gardens of Time, but is an example of a hidden object game.

In addition to the hidden object game puzzles, the game has a storyline with quests that help drive the action forward, and you can show off your design skills by decorating your very own garden with wordly artifacts -- purchased in the in-game store using the virtual currency earned by solving puzzles. There will be plenty of opportunities to buy things using real-life cash as well, including exclusive decor, additional puzzles and, as mentioned before, more energy.


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