Facebook Games Weekly News Wrap-up: Mar 7 to Mar 12

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I. Angry Birds Coming to Facebook in May

Angry Birds won't be making its way to Facebook anytime soon, a new report claims.

According to The Next Web, which says it spoke with Rovio's Peter Vesterbecka, the wildly popular game won't be available on Facebook until May, two months after it was expected to launch on the social network.

Last week, Rovio announced that Angry Birds would be coming to Facebook and said it would launch in March. Vesterbecka reportedly told The Next Web that he was "not sure how the March date got in there."

Rovio did not immediately respond to request for confirmation of the May launch.

Rovio's hit game has been an unbridled success in the mobile space. The title is available to iOS-based devices, Android-based products, and the Nokia N900. It's also available in Apple's Mac App Store. Since its launch, the game has performed extremely well on all the platforms it has been made available on. It's currently the top paid app for the iPad and the second most popular paid app on the iPhone. It holds the second spot in the Mac App Store.


II. Sega Launches Facebook Game - SEGA PLAY! Baseball


SEGA of America has announced the release of a new Facebook game, SEGA PLAY! Baseball. Players will be able to experience what it is like to run a baseball team. Players will create, manage and customize a baseball team. The players will be able to create a team of their players and players created by their Facebook friends.

Players have control over the players on their team. The player can pick the team name and create the team uniform. The next step is customizing the avatars and leveling up their skills. Once your team is in order, you can attempt to recruit players from friends teams to get different talent.

After the teams are created, they players can play a one on one game against their friends or go “pro” and play against other teams from around the globe.



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