Playfish Joins Japan Relief Effort with Mercy Corps Donation Program

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Playfish Joins Japan Relief Effort with Mercy Corps Donation Program 

Finally, another social game developer has decided to use its immense resources for good. Playfish announced today that it has joined forces with Mercy Corps and their partner, Peace Winds Japan, to run a donation program. Through the program, Playfish will give 100 percent of its proceeds to Mercy Corps to provide the Japanese with "balloon shelters to accommodate up to 600 people; large emergency tents; clean water, food and blankets," according to the company.

Throughout the week, Playfish will add items to its games for purchase and donate 100 percent of those proceeds to Mercy Corps. Currently, the Garden of Hope item is available in Restaurant City, but more games will receive donation items this week including a "Support Japan" bundle in Pet Society, "Japan Elite Transfers" in FIFA Superstars, and a "Red Japanese Pagoda" in Monopoly Millionaires.

There is a link beneath most Playfish games leading to the donation website. Playfish is handling the situation differently than Zynga's, which allowed players to donate through playing its games (and buying items) immediately. Using this method, the company has already raised $1 million. Will Playfish be able to produce the same contribution with its week-long event?

That's unlikely, but keep in mind that this is far from a competition. The fact that Playfish has made the gesture is respectable, but what prevented the company from employing the same strategy? My guess is that it was a matter of how much time is left to make a contribution with impact, which lead to this week-long event. Regardless, every donation helps--here's your chance, Playfish fans.



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