'The Dating Game' goes Interactive, Virtual and Social

Date: Mar 17 2011 10:29:55 Source: USA Today Views:
KeyWord: The Dating Game, TV, Chuck Barris

The once-popular The Dating Game television game show has been remade for the 21st century -- but instead of contestants answering flirtatious questions on television, this new version is playable on Facebook and other social networks.

Available today for free, The Dating Game is based on the same core premise as the cheeky TV show created by Chuck Barris in the mid '60s: a bachelorette or bachelor must decide between three anonymous suitors after three rounds of personal questions. For example, contestants might be asked "You have created a new perfume. What scent is it and how do you convince me to wear it?"

The player whose answers are closest to the main contestant's wins more points than their competitors, as it suggests better compatibility. The top scorer wins a "date" with the bachelor or bachelorette -- virtually speaking, that is.

To keep things safe and fun, all players are represented by customizable avatars rather than photos or video of real faces. Plus, answers per round are multiple-choice based, so there's less of a chance of offending someone.

But that doesn't mean you can't be a bit racy -- if asked "Assuming we date, where should we have our first kiss?" one of the replies you can choose from is "Well, I'd like to kiss you on the lips first…" The faster you can buzz in with your answer, the better, as more than one contestant might want the same response. Digital gifts can be given within the game, too.




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