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GSN Digital Gets Smart with Jeopardy for Facebook


Alex Trebek is quite the busy man these days. First, he kept his contestants from lunging at Watson--that IBM supercomputer that defeated two Jeopardy! legends in February--in jealous rage of its immense computing ability and now, he's on Facebook. (Alright, that first part never happened, but they thought about it!) GSN Digital, the team responsible for Wheel of Fortune on the platform, has launched Jeopardy for Facebook. It's available for play now, and has been modified to cater to the short-burst gameplay most social gamers have time for during their lunch break.


Contestants play in three shortened rounds and can make wagers on Daily Doubles and the Final Jeopardy question--just like in the game that airs after dinner every night. However, the game offers several features tailored toward the Facebook audience like Jeopardy Boosts, which allow players to either double their score or pass on a clue. And if you don't know the answer to the Final Jeopardy question, you can ask a friend and make back half of your wager. Of course, micro-transactions are included to purchase Boosts or more Episodes, which are your allowed play sessions.



Eastpak takes a Bold Leap with Human Tetris Facebook Game 'SPAK'

Eastpak's 'SPAK', a human tetris Facebook advergame that has backpackers jumping off a tall building and being sucked into jet turbines, is all part of the company's efforts in promoting an edgy and tough image for their backpacks, which are branded as "Built to Resist." And thanks to a great creative team, who managed to take a gory and morbid concept and spin it into something fun, the game doesn't fail to be engaging, work-safe, and made of complete and utter weird.

But how does it fare as a social game?

To play, you have to 'Like' Eastpak's official Facebook page, and then allow the game to access your Facebook account (which is all pretty standard stuff). You'll be a shown a game trailer every time you begin, but you've the option to "skip intro" after the first time. Once you're at the main menu, there's two ways to play: "Solo Training Mode" and "Duel Mode".




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