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Rumor: Nintendo to Reveal (another) Pokemon Game Next Month

Seriously? I've barely caught the 100 or so little buggers you released two months ago! Nintendo will announce the next game in the Pokemon series in Japan's CoroCoro Magazine this coming June 15, Official Nintendo Magazine reports. There are no details on this new edition in the puzzlingly well-off franchise, but there's dispute as to when exactly information on the game will release.

According to Pocket Gamer, Japanese magazine Dengeki Nintendo DS claims that it will publish details on the game this May 21, which obviously differs from CoroCoro's promise.

However, CoroCoro broke most of the news regarding Nintendo's most recent Pokemon release, the Black and White versions, which might make this magazine's June 15 promise more convincing.

If the game is truly the next in the long-running series, it would most likely be on the 3DS, considering Nintendo missed that boat this time around. (But wouldn't a socially-connected Pokemon on iPhone be awesome? Dream on.)

Regardless, this is all wild speculation that does exactly what Nintendo wants: to build hype for the company before this year's E3 Expo. It's there that the company will have a playable version of its next big console, codenamed Project Cafe. And, who knows, maybe some potentially pretty pocket monsters will make a cameo as well.


Lady Gaga Prizes Now Available via Zynga's RewardVille

"Let's Play with Gaga" is the slogan for Zynga's new section in RewardVille (their user rewards program), and it's officially launched this evening. For each of RewardVille's supported games (which include all the big names like FarmVille, FrontierVille and CityVille), you'll be able to use your zCoins to "purchase" one exclusive item (with the exception of Vampire Wars, which received two). To be especially clear, while GagaVille may be the main attraction in FarmVille, these items aren't specific to the farming game.

The items range from statues, sparkling gems and skull heads to shining thrones, avatar clothing and even a dancing monkey! You can find the full list of rewards, along with pictures and prices, behind the break.
Here's a full look at all of the prizes available:

CityVille: Lady Gaga Gyrosphere (bonus 6% payout) - 72 zCoins
FarmVille: Ruby Gaga Gem - 68 zCoins
Zynga Poker: Ponytail Skeleton - 56 zCoins
FrontierVille: Paws Up Statue - 64 zCoins
Mafia Wars: Lipstick Gun (115 Attack and 68 Defense) - 98 zCoins
Cafe World: Skull Faced Waitress - 66 zCoins
Treasure Isle: Fame Monkey - 56 zCoins
YoVille: Crystal Car - 88 zCoins
PetVille: Crystal Throne (color-changing) - 68 zCoins
Vampire Wars: LG Avatar Set Female or Male - 74 zCoins each




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