Zynga And Dreamworks Animation Promoting Cooperation [Kung Fu Panda 2]

Date: May 22 2011 01:38:15 Source: Views:
KeyWord: Zynga,Dreamworks animation,cooperation,kung fu panda 2

Social game developers Zynga announced in 20 already and DreamWorks Animation signed a cooperation agreement, through the game " CityVille" promotion upcoming new movie "kung fu panda 2".


From the date on which the, "announced the monthly journal CityVille 8,800 million users will be able to build on their city" kung fu panda 2 "theme of driven-in movies (customer can sit in his car on a cinema movie), the players can get gifts, namely kung fu panda five disciple: crane, mantis, tiger, monkey and snakes. When collecting all the five collectible, kung fu panda statue is open, as players complete journey "kung fu panda 2" the reward.

Reason Zynga CityVille ", the selected global brand advertising competent Manny · arnie Carl (Anekal) says Manny, Facebook fans on the kung fu panda nearly 1/3 are playing the CityVille ". "Kung fu panda 2" will be released on May 26, and the cooperation will last until May 31.

Earlier this week, Gaga cooperation with Zynga also are in farm game "FarmVille," launch a particular sector are new to Gaga on promotion. "FarmVille" daily number of players more than 12 million, is the most popular Facebook game.



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