Facebook Games Weekly News Wrap-up: May 23 to May 28

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OMG Buy Into Facebook Platform-Dear Voldemort Highness Of May 25 Open Beta Debut

OMG announced formally,new facebook platform to MSN game "Dear Voldemort Highness" will be on May 25 on 16:00 that allow players to open beta can not only using buildings, trap incarnate voldemort and summon magic things down constantly invades hero, but also can be tur into a hero, the breakthrough other layer of lucifer checkpoint. Eventually, become untouchable big voldemort and world-beater superhero.

Avatar KUSO fun experience lucifer

The chaos in the distinguish right crisscross, claims just human hero in a twilight chasing the treasure 'greed and the slaughter, wantonly sovereign their people. And a big voldemort "Abaddon" to retrieve the momentum, the former and a human hair with all the beelzebub, and in the next war for continuous 999 days of battle, using powerful dark forces of human repel success will ignorance.

But no extinguish fires ─ originally solidarity devil each full of ambition, in order to fight for the big voldemort throne and started to dominate the world, are divided territory, according to start for the king, and players will incarnate as one of them was radiates ambition, proud attractive charm sovereign hull highness. However, your powerful magic has consumed. In order to revive the forces, you can now do is to rely on remaining magic summon fel to assist you in the treasure a new territory, but also can human disguise to other voldemort's territory by this spoiled magic expand their territories, strengthen your armies and strength of warcraft way outside, return to those silly humans. Plant Just waiting for you to play strategy director, offensive tower preventing and looted treasures, toward become untouchable big voldemort and world-beater big hero ahead.



iPhone Social Network Game-My Choice Download Event in Progress

CellCitii Corporation (President Hyunho Choi) and the developer EternalEnter (President Hyukjoo Kwon) is in the progress of a download event on their newly launched SNG 'My Choice'.

My Choice

The event is from May 25th to June 4th. The first event is to give out 10 MS charged items to the first 2000 My Choice users who leave reviews on Apple App Store. The second event is to give out 20 MS’s to the top 100 new users who gain the most XP during the event time. My Choice can be downloaded on Apple App Store.

My Choice

‘My Choice’ is a reinforced version of existing SNGs which lacked in networking between the users. SNG that have been launched up to this date focused more on user oriented nurture simulation such as cities and farms rather than the relationship between the users by using network connections. On the other hand, My Choice reinforced and improved the ‘social’ functions. My Choice not only feature visiting other friends’ villages and other basic ‘social’ functions that the existing SNGs offer but also feature sending messages to other users and live conversations by using a communication activating item called ‘Flower Seed’. Requesting to establish friendship to users who do not know of ‘Flower Seed’ outside of the game territory show the difference and exclusivity My Choice have compared to the existing SNGs.

My Choice




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