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Army Attack Blends Real Time , Treasure Hunting Genres To Create Deep Singleplayer Experience


Army Attack is the latest game from Millionaire City developer Digital Chocolate. The just-launched game focuses on single-player gameplay while incorporating social features to encourage collaboration, interaction and cooperation between players.

Gameplay in Army Attack blends real time strategy combat with a bit of the treasure-hunting social game genre. The player’s military units take it in turns to explore the grid-based map, “conquering” unexplored squares as they go, acquiring items, experience, standard currency and energy randomly along the way. Obstacles can be destroyed by the player’s units, with thematically-appropriate items being released from the various structures. For example, the player can earn enemy intelligence to spend on expanding the play area by destroying “propaganda towers.” Discovered enemy units can be engaged in combat, with defeated vanishing from the map.

Army Attack



Start Your Expedition of Galactic Dominance in Infinite Realms


Now Infinite Realms, a game tailored to game-plays who have great passions to the mysterious space world and like expeditions, is welcoming its first but ceremonious appearance on BBGsite. Since Infinite Realms' first landing on Facebook in December,2010, Infinite Realms has received favorable reputation from its players and the Media. After several times’ test and perfection, Infinite Realms is finally perfectly come to the players' horizons.

 Infinite Realms

Maybe you have once dreamed about being a hero travelling in the universe in an cool spaceship and conquer strange, aggressive creatures from different planets to save the human-beings, then Infinite Realms is right for you. You will have the opportunities to choose different planets to establish your outpost and command many special heroes to fulfill your dreams of conquering the space. You will surely marvel at the producers' remarkable imaginations of an unknown world.




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