Plato's Friend , The Archytas, comes to "Infinite Realms" with Great Surprise

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As the E3 show of 2011 is heating in LA, Infinite Realms has brought Plato's friend to us, Archytas, also the name of Infinite Realm's 8th Server which is coming to our space explorers on June 10, 2011.

Archytas, a great astronomer in ancient Greek, dreamed a lot about the space, looked up at the night sky wonderingly in Plato's time, and has contributed a lot to human being's study to the Astronomy. Now, we have the name Archytas for our Infinite Realm's 8th server in memory of the great scholar. What's more, Archytas also brings great surprises to all of our players; you have the unique opportunity to get lots of prizes and gifts in our game which should not be missed out which is listed as below:

Event Details:

Event 1: Newbie Rewards

Every new player will be given a Newbie Gift Pack 1 which can be opened when you join in Leukippos. Each time your command center upgrades, the next Newbie Gift Pack will be unlocked. There are 10 packs in total!

Infinite Realms

Infinite Realms

Event 2: Free Extras for Purchasing Tokens!

In addition to receiving a Newbie Gift pack, Players who purchase Tokens during the week starting from 7am (game server time) on Jun 10, 2011 to 0am on Jun 17, 2011 will receive bonus reward*!

Event 3: Top Challengers

After the first month of Archytas server's launch (at 0am server time on Jul 10, 2011), top 20 ranking Players will receive Adephage gear!

Event 4: Alliance Wars!

The contest of Alliance Wars will be weekly! We will award the Top 10 Alliances and leaders in rank every week. Ranks are counted from in-game Alliance Rankings on the following dates: 0:00 of Jun 17, Jun 24, Jul 1, and Jul 8 (server time).

Event 5: First Week Contest

Players whose Military Rank reaches Crewmember First Class before 0:00 am Jun 17 can get 1 Relocation Plans, 3 Welding Beam Accelerator, 3 Simulator Training, 3 Theoretical Application, 1 S'uhrden Soldier Serum, 1 Low-grade Strongbox. And the first one to reach that Military Rank will get another Adephage Crate as No.1 bonus.
For a more detailed explanation of the events and rewards, visit this page on the official forum website:

Now come to Archytas and have a travel in our game Infinite Realms to feel the mystical power of the universe and the pleasure of conquering different realms and planets.

Infinite Realms

About Infinite Realms

Infinite Realms is the next-gen strategy game on Facebook set in a science-fiction background. It redefines the experience strategy games are played. Players explore the universe and travel through galaxies on the mission of expanding their realms and protecting the Confederation.
Infinite Realms sets the example of new generation strategy games by its stunning graphics, exciting upbeat music, real-time interaction and many others aspects of the game. Interaction between players is elevated to a new level.

About Joyport

Infinite Realms is a strategy game tailored to players on Facebook from Chinese first-class developer Joyport. Joyport is one of the largest browser-based game developers and publishers in China and have a great vision of becoming a world-class online interactive entertainment company. Joyport believes that only through focusing on quality, experience, and values can great games be cultivated. And Infinite Realms is a typical game filled with the kind of mindset----pursing for excellence and making everything the best.



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