Empires & Allies: 'Dragon Week' Goal Unleashes Limited Edition Warship and Decor

Date: Jun 16 2011 03:13:13 Source: Views:
KeyWord: Empires & Allies, Dragon Boat, Blue Dragon, Green Dragon, Plum Blossom

As far as the Chinese zodiac is concerned, we're still in the Year of the Rabbit and the Dragon isn't stopping by until 2012, but that hasn't kept Zynga from randomly running a "Dragon Week" in Empires & Allies. Sporting an East Asian design, "Dragon Boat" is the first Limited Edition warship to appear in the game. To get it, complete the "Dance with a Dragon" goal by buying three dragon statues -- Green Dragon (for 1,000 Coins), Blue Dragon (1,000 Coins), and Golden Dragon (5,000 Coins) -- and placing them in your city.

These three dragon statues can be found in the Decorations section of the Build Menu, and we're lucky they cost coins and not the game's premium currency, which is Empire Points. Other dragon-themed items that are also available for purchase using coins, include the Dragon Topiary, which continues to be offered in RewardVille for 52 zCoins. Finally, the premium items are Flag of the Dragon, Jade Lion Statue, and Plum Blossom.

You've got approximately 13 days and several hours as of this post to qualify for a Dragon Boat. That's nearly two weeks, but "Dragon Week That's Actually Two Weeks Long" certainly doesn't have the same ring to it.



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